My NEW website is: JonesMooreStudioArt.com

My web gallery is no longer located at www.artid.com/jonesmoore. I have a beautiful NEW website that includes new work, and information about all of my upcoming encaustic and mixed media classes: www.jonesmoorestudioart.com

Many "thanks" to my talented daughter, Jen, of Jennifer Moore Design for her countless hours and patience in designing this new website for me! When I learn how, I will be moving this blog over to my website. But for now, this is still the place for all current happenings and updates, as well as on my Jones•Moore Studio Art Facebook page


Playing with Encaustic Prints Today

On the studio table today: experimental encaustic monotype prints. I'm trying out a new ceramic hot griddle and some new luscious colors...instant gratification! This one will be titled "Arriba-abajo". 

I'm back from San Miguel de Allende and ready to work!

Favorite images from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The beauty there...beyond words. I came back "home" feeling so FULL. But where is "home"? I'll be returning to San Miguel in October for further creative exploration!


New Look! New Website!

Storm I, encaustic monotype, Lisa JonesMoore 2014

It's here! Please visit my brand NEW website, designed by my daughter, Jennifer, of Jennifer Moore Design. Leave a comment on my site's "Comment" page, if you wish, and tell me what you think! This will be updated regularly about all things encaustic: my upcoming classes, shows and new work.



Roadside Mary, near Loreto, Mexico, Lisa JonesMoore 2014

This humble shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe stands on a lonely stretch of highway north of Loreto, Mexico and very is near the Bahia Concepcion (Bay of Conception). Bahia Concepcion os one of the most beautiful, rugged places on earth. The Virgin's simple beauty is stunning, and the offerings humble. Tonight is the Feast of the Virgin, celebrated throughout Mexico. I have such warm, loving memories of the people of San Miguel de Allende on this night-and especially of Susie, who opened her home, and heart, to us.

MANY THANKS to Rebecca Brooks for her challenge, 12 Days of the Virgin, it has been such a pleasure to revisit my Mexico images and memories, and to see what others are posting! Please visit Recuerda Mi Corazon for for "Mary Love".