Another encaustic "on the go"!

I am using mini wax sticks, local sand and muslin on Pastelbord. My only tools are a small quilting iron, craft heat gun and painters tape. Waterscapes are definitely on my mind! What fun!

"Kaanapali 2", 7x5", encaustic with mixed media


Encaustic on the go: a painting in the first stages.

This little painting is in the first stages (it's actually a horizontal but the Blogger app for iPhone won't let me rotate it!). I don't have a griddle of any kind to warm up the wax, so I am only using the heat gun or small quilting iron to heat the wax sticks, and then I vigorously rub them onto the surface. A completely different technique for me! I also have put down a strip of loose-weave muslin, and have done an oil pastel rub along the left hand side... So much fun. Stay tuned! (For information about what equipment and supplies I used, go the the previous post).

Encaustic on the Go!

This is a huge experiment. Encaustic on the go. While traveling. In sometimes less-than-desirable studio conditions I have chosen to work with these products, due their portable nature: Ampersand Pastelbord (5x7"), Enkaustikos Hot Sticks and Wax Snaps, very small hogs hair brushes, wooden skewers (ok on the plane!), Sharpie china markers, foil & Sennelier oil pastels. One extension cord, one quilting iron, one craft heat gun. I'll keep you posted!


Just finished! This is a detail shot of a piece that sat in my studio in a corner for 8+ months! It's actually 24x24".  I did NOT know what to do with the darned thing. Finally, I was tired if it taking up so much "real estate", and started to paint things OUT of the picture...yes, there are quite a few "obscured" elements there. Finally, the art gods of "hope this g*&%#@*d thing is finished" took over, and I am very pleased. This is definitely a piece that needs to be viewed up close, the texture is amazing...

What do YOU do with those "lurkers" in the corner of your studio? I would love to hear about them!