Studio time today!

Just climbed "down" from my loft studio after six hours of standing and creating. Feeling a bit out of "shape" creating for this long of a span. Sitting does not appeal to my creative juices. I'm working with this photo today, one I took with a Holga camera. I love the larger, square format of the Holga, with it's funky fuzzy edges. It's going to look interesting with encaustic wax...

What are YOUR favorite three art supplies? (mine: my photos, clear encaustic wax and oil pastels, with cheescloth as a close fourth).


A NEW piece! I managed to create this one during the "madness" of the Holidays. Sometimes, things just pop out from "nowhere". It's the first in my "Fort Worden Series", called "Bunker Wall, #1" featuring, of course, two of my most favorite mediums: rust and wax!!

You can see this and a few more new pieces at Fraker/Scott Gallery in downtown Seattle as part of their "Earth + Water" show, featuring the art of David Owen Hastings. The gallery is open TONIGHT for first Thursday art walk from 5-8 pm! The gallery is located at 121 Prefontaine Place So. in Pioneer Square. Here is the link for more information: