Studio time today!

Just climbed "down" from my loft studio after six hours of standing and creating. Feeling a bit out of "shape" creating for this long of a span. Sitting does not appeal to my creative juices. I'm working with this photo today, one I took with a Holga camera. I love the larger, square format of the Holga, with it's funky fuzzy edges. It's going to look interesting with encaustic wax...

What are YOUR favorite three art supplies? (mine: my photos, clear encaustic wax and oil pastels, with cheescloth as a close fourth).


  1. thanks so much for your visit! i have been crazy busy with the last details for the flora bowley workshop i am hosting in san miguel! so my visiting of blogs has been reduced greatly!!

    i look forward to much more time with you in the new year.
    as far as favorite art materials...i will wait until after the true bloom workshop to answer that, i might be smitten with a whole new art form!

  2. 6 hours! How great. Today (and this can change by the minute) my three favorite have to gesso, acrylic paint and gesso. LOL!

  3. Thanks for visiting, you two! I am excited to see what the New Year will bring your way...

  4. thanks for stopping by.. I love my rice papers, and my brayer for layering acrylics and polka dots!

  5. Very interesting combination of supplies!