I'm teaching at Art & Soul-Portland 2018!


I wanted to give you a big HEADS UP about my upcoming 2-day workshop at ART & SOUL/PORTLAND 2018 (that's in OREGON)! The name of the workshop is DYNAMIC SURFACES IN MIXED MEDIA & PIGMENTED WAX. This will take place on Monday and Tuesday, February 12-13. REGISTRATION BEGINS MAY 26, 2017, so don't be left behind! I only have room for 10 students in this wildly fun & informative class. And, there is an early bird discount for classes, until June 30! Here is the workshop description:

Have you ever seen a pattern on a sidewalk or a weathered wall that stopped you in your tracks? Or, lines and patterns in beach sand that intrigued you? Employing the powers of “Vision & Touch” with mixed media and pigmented encaustic wax, you will learn how to interpret the beautiful, dynamic surfaces that surround you! Encaustic paint is used in a molten state, and is a VERY tactile medium. After you have learned the basics of working with encaustic, you will create at least 12 small “tacTILE” sample boards (approximately 4” or 5” square panels), using at least a dozen mixed media techniques.
Join me for TEXTURE IMMERSION + mixed media mania! ALL LEVELS are welcome! Register for my workshop at Art & Soul/Portland 2018, don't wait!


What IS Art & Soul, you may be wondering? It's a national-level series of mixed media art retreats & classes, one week in length, that take place in several locations throughout the United States. You can read all about it here:
Portland, Oregon, is one of my FAVORITE cities on the planet to visit. Wondering if Portland is anything like the hit show "Portlandia"? You can bone up on "all things Portland" here:

I am THRILLED to be offering another new workshop, ETHEREAL LANDSCAPES WITH PIGMENTED WAX & OIL-BASED MEDIA, August 5-6, 2017, at ArtWorks in Edmonds, WA. I will be showing you how to create beautiful, "ethereal" minimalist landscapes in small format. An array of essential encaustic techniques will be introduced, along with instruction on combining encaustic (warm, pigmented wax) with oil paint, oil sticks and oil pastels. Think "JMW Turner meets Wolf Kahn"!  If you are not from the area, schedule a couple of days to take in the Seattle sights, and enjoy our little art haven called Edmonds (beaches included!). The class size is limited to 8 students, register here:  http://artworks-edmonds.org/encaustics.html

I am still hosting Encaustic Open Studio sessions and Encaustic Painting Tutoring Sessions at ArtWorks in Edmonds, WA. Please check the ArtWorks calendar!

Where the heck is Edmonds, WA, and what is there to do? There are plenty of beaches, and a FANTASTIC art scene! Read all about it here: