SANCTUARY...in every sense of the word. More images from San Miguel de Allende.

Beautiful wall in the home of artist, Mario Mizrahi. COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa JonesMoore

Shrine at the Botanical Gardens above San Miguel de Allende. COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa JonesMoore
Lovely courtyard at Casa Carmen. COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa JonesMoore

The "grotto" sanctuary at El Santario Hogar Guadalupano. COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa JonesMoore

The Virgin in the grotto at El Santario Hogar Guadalupano. COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa JonesMoore

Sanctuary, refuge, retreat, safety, warmth, freedom, fullness, love. My visit to San Miguel de Allende, in a nutshell. Its people, ancient walls, hushed courtyards...beautiful beyond all imagination.


HOLA and Happy New Year! Images from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


I recently took a trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with the lovely Rebecca Brooks, whose beautiful blog, Recuerda Mi Corazon, you can see here.

We were there during the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico's "matron" saint.
We had an adventurous 10 days filled with incredible sights, sounds, tastes and wonderful camaraderie! I cannot recommend Rebecca's trips enough! Yes, San Miguel was everything I expected AND MORE! The people are so kind, the food is so good and the history is amazing and beyond description. Not to mention the 500 year-old basilicas and churches, the narrow cobblestone streets and the color-OH the color! We were invited into art and artisan studios, private museums and homes of the local people, to share in their passions, kindness and spiritual dedication. 

I promise you lots more about the magic of San Miguel de Allende, and how it inspires me and my art!

All photos COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa JonesMoore. Written permission required for use of these photographs.