It's beautiful here even when it's 'gloomy'...

Photos of Snoqualmie Falls and Snoqualmie River, Copyright 2009 JonesMoore

Last week, I took a little road trip (in the rain) down to Snoqualmie Falls, near Seattle. The landscape was drenched in water, and saturated with glorious color. The mist from the falls was both invigorating and healing. 

Just a reminder to self: "when the going gets rough, the tough go out in NATURE."



Before we all plunge into 30+ days of overindulgence, please take the time to be grateful, thankful, joyful.

Here is a wonderful video on "Gratefulness", sent to me by a dear friend, that made me cry (tears of gratitude)!


The Painted Page: collage book workshop in Seattle!

Altered book page, Copyright 2005 JonesMoore

"Ahh Collage", Copyright 2005 JonesMoore

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, and spend the afternoon painting and collaging free-form, folded books. This 'process-oriented' class will open your eyes to many possibilities using various papers, fabrics, texture and acrylic paints. Heavy watercolor paper and some collage materials will be provided. The instructor, Lisa JonesMoore, holds a BFA, and has been creating and teaching in the area for 15 years. No experience required!

When: Saturday, December 5, 1:30–5:30 p.m.

Where: University of Washington, Seattle campus

Cost: $45. General public/$ 35 UW students

Register: call 206-68-LEARN

or visit www.exco.org

The Painted Page, Course #10.0332, listed under "Arts and Crafts"


New items for sale in my Etsy shop, check it out!

"Encaustic Sunflower", Copyright 2009 JonesMoore

I have just put some new items in my Etsy shop, which is a fabulous place to shop online for all items handmade: art, photography, home decor, jewelry, clothing and just about everything 'creative'. Stop in and take a look!


An art show you CANNOT miss! (All for a good cause)

"Venus Hohl Fels", encaustic, Copyright 2009 JonesMoore

Lowell Art Works Presents:

“The Breasts of the Northwest III: Oh-Nine!"

November 21st – December 20th, 2009

at Lowell Art Works in Everett, WA



The time has come 'round again for the draperies to drop, the shirts to be shed, and the double D's to be displayed! Proudly!  Persecution- and prosecution-free!

The Breasts of the Northwest III: Oh-Nine!

I could wax poetic here and sing you the saga of the beleaguered bosom, but I shall leave that to the blogosphere and the media, where the poor dears' tale has endured debate and discussion the likes of few other features of the feminine form. And alas, I do mean only feminine, as apparently these are especially incendiary.

“Revered, underrated, over-covered, decorated, worshipped, resented, cherished, twisted, admired.  They arouse, nurture, aggravate, comfort, inspire.  They cause joy, heartache, backache, desire, obsession, fantasy, bankruptcy, embarrassment, confusion, pride.  They’re controversial.  They’re irresistible.  They’re dangerous and harmless.  They’re constant companions, old friends, and a pain in the ass for tummy sleepers.  Everybody’s born with ‘em, though more than half are destined to remain purely decorative.  To what do I refer, you ask?  I speak, of course, of the incomprehensible breast.”

We shall once again celebrate the focus of our fancies, and this year with extra support (and foam) for the female front! Decaf, half-caf, with whip or without, our own beautiful bits or a buddy's, we will honor the aesthetic so tragically treated and scandalously stifled.


What:    Opening Party for "The Breasts of the Northwest III: Oh-Nine!"

Where:  Lowell Art Works, 5205 S. 2nd Ave., Everett, WA  98203

When:   Saturday, November 21st, 4-9 PM

(Concurrently with the sideshow: 

"Puff: The Art, Allure and Agony of the Smoking Culture")

Text courtesy of Lowell Art Works! Some proceeds from sales go to breast cancer research.




A wonderful place to visit in Edmonds, Washington...

I just LOVE my Orange Crush star, made by Ben Ncube...

I just stopped in to see the shop, Fabric of Life, during a rare sunny stroll through Edmonds, Washington. I met the owner, who is currently living on the roof of her store, to raise money for her wonderful cause. I purchased a fabulous tin star, made from Orange Crush cans, that I will put in a special place in my studio. Here is the website for this amazing non-profit store that supports women and their craft, from around the world:
This is their mission statement:
Our projects focus on improving the quality of life for women and their families through sustainable, appropriate technology that respects and honors local traditions and cultures. Our philosophy is to form cooperative partnerships that promote self-help and that build people's self-esteem and independence.

Our development philosophy: We believe people know their own needs. We believe in people's capacity to help themselves. We believe that development is about encouragement, learning, strategic experimentation and partnership exchanges. (Text courtesy of Fabric of Life website)

Stop in for some Holiday shopping, you won't be disappointed!!


More beautiful beeswax collages from my class...

Do they know
that I get as much from them
as they get
from me?

Amazing student work from my Beeswax Collage class that took place last weekend. I will offer this class again in the spring, in Edmonds, Washington, through Edmonds Community College/ArtsNow.


Some glorious beeswax collage work by my students...

Beautiful images...
by seekers
of adventure, creativity, risk...
some examples of student work from my Beeswax Collage class. I could not have asked for a better day of teaching and sharing.

More images to come!


Stop! And smell the beeswax...join me for beeswax collage this weekend.

Imagine the scent of warm beeswax (all day!), while the rain rages just outside. Imagine spending a few hours with some fellow creative types from all walks of life–playing with paper, fabric and found objects. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

Join me this Saturday, November 7, for my workshop Beeswax Collage. There is one day left to register, and plenty of room!


mi cráneo del azúcar

My sugar skull 'creation', made for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration...


Happy Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Tacoma Art Museum

Ofrenda (shrine) to a loved one, Tacoma Art Museum, Dia de los Muertos

More ofrendas...
Traditional Mexican sand painting, Tacoma Art Museum

Traditional Mexican Dancers, Tacoma Art Museum

A sampling of last weeks' fantastic activities...(can you tell it's my favorite time of year??)! My pumpkin creation is on the right, and D.'s is on the left, which later acquired a pierced tongue. For more images, please visit my flickr site!