Beeswax Collage: Celebrate Spring! Art Workshop April 10

"Body Urgent", COPYRIGHT 2007 JonesMoore, beeswax collage

ArtsNow C420: Beeswax Collage: Celebrate Spring!

Do you love the scent and look of natural beeswax? Are you excited about the coming of spring, and the beauty of nature? In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to create a collage with beeswax using found papers, various fabrics, and items from nature. You will also learn how to use scribing tools, oil pastels, powder pigment rubs, and texture with the beeswax. The possibilities are infinite! You will complete the class with the knowledge of how to do this in your own home, and where to find the necessary supplies. Join me on:

Saturday, April 10, 10-5 p.m., Edmonds, Washington
Register: call ArtsNow at: (425) 640-1243, or visit: http://edcc.edu/artsnow/registration/


They've come a long way, baby...

You gotta love these girls (no pun intended, hee-hee). As you can see, this piece has completely changed (see previous post). Yes, I love big, voluptuous, "real" female forms. I am really starting to have some fun with texture and negative space here! I have used sand from Maui, clear 'micro' glass beads and metallic rubs with encaustic wax. More progress to come! (It's still 'cooking').


Art in the works, great uses for old books...

I have been working on these two pieces (off and on) for the last two years. The top one is based on some photos I took of a maker of "barro negro" (black pottery) near Oaxaca, Mexico. Her name is Sofia, and at age 92, I do believe she is still at it! The center image is of a piece I am doing based on Venus fertility images. These unfinshed pieces haunt me. Just when they start to "progress", they come to a screeching HALT! I think I am just too concerned about the outcome. I should know better by now, NEVER be concerned about the outcome...art is all about the journey.

I just LOVE my collection of old and soon-to-be-discarded books. I have found another great use for them (other than altering them for journals and using parts of them in my assemblage pieces)–I use them to weigh down artwork I am gluing to backing boards, as I prepare them for framing. The wide array of uses for old books never ceases to amaze me...


What would we do without creative minds in the world?!

You've probably seen this, it IS  amazing...

All content is copyright "the creators" of this video.


New in my Etsy shop!

Corazon de mi Amor",  encaustic, Copyright 2010 JonesMoore

I have just finished this piece and posted it on Etsy. I recently sold two of these encaustic pieces, also using heart 'milagro' images. I 'm having a lot of fun creating these, and will soon be doing eyes, hands, mouths, and more! "Milagro" means "miracle" in Spanish, and you see many of these litttle tin 'body parts' throught Mexico and Latin America. The families use them to aid in their prayers for loved ones who are ill. I love the idea of creating these 'little miracles' in wax...


NEW Spring art workshops!

I have just posted all of my new Spring art workshops in the sidebar, with links for more information and registration. In April and May, I will be teaching BEESWAX COLLAGE: CELEBRATE SPRING (collage with warm beeswax), THE PAINTED PAGE: CELEBRATE MAY (free-form collage books), and CABINET OF CURIOSITIES (artistic assemblage).

These workshops all take place in the greater Seattle area. Get a friend to sign up with you, and make a weekend out of it! If you are coming from out of town, I can direct you to some wonderful places to visit in the Seattle area! April and May are GORGEOUS months to be here, and everything will be in bloom...


Journal page: empty spaces

"I am alone in the woods. I am the woods. 
I stand tall...among my family. 
I am the tallest, strongest tree–
closest to the center. 
The ground–white, snowy...
I am the snow
I am a blank page."

Gestalt writing and "stacking"method" as part of LK ludwig's "Poetry and Dreams" online journaling class...(click on image to view large!)



"Spring I, II, III", Copyright 2010 JonesMoore

It's here.


Another beeswax milagro in the works...

This is the third piece in my "Milagro" (Miracle) series. It has been such a pleasure to scribe lines in to slightly warm beeswax! The poem underneath the heart image is called "El Amor" and was written in 1935 by Luz Maria Durand.

Please take the time to visit my Etsy shop, where I have more of these 'little miracles' for sale!