She is finished!

I have just completed the first piece in my "Venus" series. I like her much better now, and I'm jazzed to do the next one--featuring the Venus of Willendorf. These two pieces (6 x 6") will soon be for sale in my Etsy shop. Stay tuned... 

Venus Series

Venus Series, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

It's amazing what comes out of me sometimes. I've been contemplating doing a series of Venus fertility figures (in encaustic) for some time now. What 'came out' was totally unexpected. This (unfinished) piece was inspired by the recently found female fertility figure, Venus of Hohle Fels.


Spanish word of the week: llano

Project 365: May 17, originally uploaded by jomoma58.


English Translation: flat, straightforward, level, natural, ordinary, simple, plain

Spanish Example: Europa también es el continente más llano, con una altura media de 230 metros.

English Translation: Europe is also the flattest continent, with an average altitude of 230 meters.

Text copyright and courtesy of "El Sayulero" (Sayulitalife.com). Photo was taken by me, in southern Washington state, while riding on the back of my man's Harley.


My dad...Memorial Day thoughts.

My dad...Memorial Day thoughts., originally uploaded by jomoma58.

I believe this was taken in the late 1940's or early 1950's. Good lookin' guy, wonderful father and military man for 22 years, who served his country proudly. During World War II, he flew as a pilot with the USAAF 82nd Fighter Group. He retired from the Air Force in Colorado so that he could enjoy hunting, fishing and camping. He and I spent many days fishing and eating fish, so that we could catch MORE fish! We also did some incredible backpack trips together. I remember eating out of jars of peanut butter and cans of tuna fish when the weather was not cooperating, listening to KOMA (Oklahoma City) on his tiny radio. I was so lucky to have known him...Lt. Col. Thomas H. Jones, USAF. He passed away in 2004, just shy of his 88th birthday. He loved his life to the very fullest, and had no regrets. Love you, Dad.

Photo COPYRIGHT 2009 Estate of Thomas H. Jones


Experimental Wednesday

This is what I did yesterday with the Experimental Painting group that meets once a month in my neighborhood. I was working with collage materials, light-weight spackle (with plastic stencils for texture), and acrylic washes. It was truly satisfying to work next to some new creative souls, and to enter into the "I don't know" realm of conciousness. Needs more work...

By the way, light-weight spackle is a wonderful, cheap alternative to Golden's Molding Paste (it's more like the Light Molding Paste), but after it dries, it must be sealed by either gesso or acrylic medium. Then you can proceed to paint over it. It dries very quickly, so it's great for one-session experiments. I LOVE getting my fingers into that stuff, takes me back to childhood.


The Attempted Climb of a 50-year old woman...on TOP of a cruise ship.

DON'T try this at home...O.K these are in the wrong order, but you get the idea!!! (Hey--I got halfway up the damn wall, after TWO trys!). Not to worry, since we were on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines, I was able to 'nurse my wounds' later with a lively round of Bingo (didn't win, but got a randy hot pink shirt that read: "Bingo-licious!", a fantastic 5-course Italian dinner with my man and kids dressed 'to the nines', and a wild juggling show called "Sharkbait"! When you are 50, it's amazing just how the  simple pleasures are  so wonderful...especially the ones you don't have to think about. I'm now ready to 'create'...(this is a LOT harder than it looks, my man made it to the top...I now have a major new respect for rock climbers).

 A big 'thank you ' to my daughter for taking these pics...she opted OUT of the climb attempt, but my son and my man gave it their best shot.

Tiptoe-ing through the tulips...

I recently had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Rosengarde gardens in the Skagit valley, Washington...to see more photos, please visit my flickr site. As always, if you see a photo that you would like to own, just email me at jomoma58@ yahoo.com. Prints are always availbable in 5x7 and 8x10". Enjoy!


We will miss you, Danny...

O.k., I don't usually blog about pop culture, but I just HAVE to say how much I will miss hearing American Idols' Danny Gokey sing  out his heart and soul every week.  What a true talent...moves me to tears every time. I know he sang his final song, "You Are So Beautiful", to his wife tonight, who passed away last year. Danny, you will go far, you are a gentle soul...


People of Mexico: mi corazón está con usted...

Mexico is so much more than swine flu and drug violence...my heart goes out to the people of Mexico.  They are the most giving, loving people I have ever met. I've posted a few pictures (below) from some of my travels to Mexico, to show the joy and love I  have experienced from the people I've encountered there.

Folk dancers, Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca07–folk dancers, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Folk dancers in Oaxaca (city), Mexico

Oaxaca07–folk dancers, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

More celebrating, near Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca07–local band, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Celebrating Dia de los Muertos with music...

Oaxaca07–local band, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Near Oaxaca (city), Mexico

Ofrenda for Rodolfo Morales

Josefina Aguilar

Oaxaca07–Josefina Aguilar, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Josefina making one of her fabulous ceramic figures Near Oaxaca (city), Mexico

Sofia Reyes

Oaxaca07–Sofia makes a pot, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Sofia makes a pot...

Oaxaca07–Sofia makes a pot, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Sofia Reyes, near Oaxaca, (city), Mexico.