Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!!!

Squash creations by (left to right): Mitch, Jen, myself, Thomas...


Can you tell it's my favorite time of year? Long live Dia de los Muertos!

Some of my favorite "Dia de Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) images from Oaxaca, Mexico and celebrations here in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. This holiday is truly a joyful celebration of deceased loved ones' lives, and I love everything about it. Wish I were in Mexico to witness this truly magical holiday...(miss the "killer" mezcal too, they sure know how to make it in Oaxaca).

More photos to come throughout the week!


Fall happenings...camping, sketching and studio tours.

Some of my work showing at Lynn Scott Studio during the Edmonds Art Studio Tour.

Art in the works...encaustic and mixed media.

I had the privilege of participating in the Edmonds Art Studio Tour at Lynn Scott Studio, September 17 and 18. We enjoyed varied weather (sun, rain, clouds) and LOTS of interested visitors. Lynn's entire house was filled with beautiful art, both upstairs and down! I demonstrated encaustic technique for most of the weekend, while gazing at the beautiful Puget Sound and Whidbey Island (through the studio window). What a treat!

There is A-R-T happening in my studio, in "fits and start" due to work and family obligations, but at least something is taking place! Shown above, I am experimenting with encaustic and mixed media (Pieces of Love and Happiness).

My partner, David, and I (and Chai the Bishon) recently went on a camping trip to Eastern Washington, to a beautiful lake near the small town of Winthrop. We were able to enjoy 80 degree weather, gorgeous "high and dry" views of desert, rolling hills and mountains. We had an abundance of quality sketching and reading time. We even caught a few trout! Chai had a wonderful time chasing ducks and fish, but kept "forgetting" how to swim...David even did some landscape sketching with me, under that beautiful tree by the lake.

But, in all this beauty, there is sadness this month. Chai (the Bishon) passed away on October 8. We are so thankful that we had one last camping trip together before she left this earth. I hope that she is chasing ducks and enjoying naps, wherever she is now...

Chai, 2000 (?)-October 8, 2011