OMG! Over 10,000 views to this blog! End of year musings...

I NEVER imagined this would happen. Over 10,000 visits to this humble blog since I started it in early 2009. What a wonderful way to end 2011. I promise new and exciting content for 2012. This "adventure" called Life and Art will never end! Thank you for stopping by over the years...

Today, I had the opportunity to catch up with a dear "art" friend. We shared food, travel stories, "tech" stories and angst (we both acquired new, exciting, frustrating tech toys this year). We shopped "half off" Christmas sales, photographed and sketched at a favorite plant nursery.

Cherish your friendships! Simplify! Those are my mottos for 2012.


Oh the wonders of wax, rust and crackle paste...and well, you!

Ex-per-i-ment-ing...oh so fun!

I am wishing all of you very peaceful, thoughtful and fulfilling Holidays. It's been such a pleasure to meet you all, and I look forward to continued online "art adventures".

The art blogging world is RICH with talented, giving people who truly give a "damn" about keeping art in the world as a viable profession. Thank you for ALL of your inspiration.