Whistler, British Columbia 2009

Whistler 2009, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
Pictured: rock sculpture, top of Whistler Mountain. See more on my flickr site.

Part 2 of "My Awesome Summer Vacation" included a 3 day trip to Whister, British Columbia (Canada). My partner and I 'bit the bullet' and purchased the two expensive tickets to ride the chairlifts and gondolas of Whistler/Blackcomb mountains. It was the BEST money we've ever spent on an adventure! We had two glorious days of hiking (above tree line) and watching the die-hards ski and snowboard in July (yes, July!!). We were also able to ride the Peak 2 Peak gondola, a truly awesome feat of engineering that just opened last winter. It was mainly built to accommodate athletes and spectators for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was a bit of a hair-raising ride for me, as the gondola crosses the tallest span of 'air' in the world! So what did I do? Ride it a second time of course! It was a bit easier the 2nd time across...

This is yet another activity that gets my creative juices flowing: spending time in high altitudes. (I grew up in the Colorado Rockies). I highly recommend visiting Whistler, B.C. before the Winter Olympic crowds start to gather. It's an amazing place!


What makes this artist 'tick'?

Scenes (part one) from my "Awesome Summer Vacation": John Day Fossil Beds and Painted Hills, Central Oregon, USA. (I felt as though I were walking inside of a Georgia O'Keefe painting!). One of my biggest childhood dreams was to be an archaeologist. Guess that's why I like using bones and old things in my art now...

I'm 'revving up' for the upcoming Edmonds Art Studio Tour, which will take place September 19 and 20 in Edmonds, Washington. I've had a couple of minor 'setbacks' during my preparation, including a 'soon to be 13 year old son always at home and bored', and this week : Pneumonia!!
I know everything will work out, on time and just right, somehow...


Poppy 'Play'

LOVE to 'fiddle' with images. I took this original shot in my backyard garden. To see more poppies, just go to my flickr site for a 'look-see'...

Altered Book Shrine student work...amazing!

I recently taught an evening workshop at the University of Washington, called Altered Book Shrines. I was 'dazed and amazed' at what students were making in the class. To see more, just go to my flickr site!