What makes this artist 'tick'?

Scenes (part one) from my "Awesome Summer Vacation": John Day Fossil Beds and Painted Hills, Central Oregon, USA. (I felt as though I were walking inside of a Georgia O'Keefe painting!). One of my biggest childhood dreams was to be an archaeologist. Guess that's why I like using bones and old things in my art now...

I'm 'revving up' for the upcoming Edmonds Art Studio Tour, which will take place September 19 and 20 in Edmonds, Washington. I've had a couple of minor 'setbacks' during my preparation, including a 'soon to be 13 year old son always at home and bored', and this week : Pneumonia!!
I know everything will work out, on time and just right, somehow...


  1. Lisa, I LOVE the John Day Fossil Beds, we road tripped it there quite a few years back... I did a series of paintings on it...

  2. Well, looks like I'm going to do the same!! Can't wait to try some paintings in encaustic and mixed media. Gorgeous place!!