OMG! Over 10,000 views to this blog! End of year musings...

I NEVER imagined this would happen. Over 10,000 visits to this humble blog since I started it in early 2009. What a wonderful way to end 2011. I promise new and exciting content for 2012. This "adventure" called Life and Art will never end! Thank you for stopping by over the years...

Today, I had the opportunity to catch up with a dear "art" friend. We shared food, travel stories, "tech" stories and angst (we both acquired new, exciting, frustrating tech toys this year). We shopped "half off" Christmas sales, photographed and sketched at a favorite plant nursery.

Cherish your friendships! Simplify! Those are my mottos for 2012.


Oh the wonders of wax, rust and crackle paste...and well, you!

Ex-per-i-ment-ing...oh so fun!

I am wishing all of you very peaceful, thoughtful and fulfilling Holidays. It's been such a pleasure to meet you all, and I look forward to continued online "art adventures".

The art blogging world is RICH with talented, giving people who truly give a "damn" about keeping art in the world as a viable profession. Thank you for ALL of your inspiration.


And this is why I teach...

Awesome students, courageous and creative...need I say more?

(Pictured above: Contemporary Encaustic Basics class at Schack Art Center, 11/11/11)


Warming up for tomorrow! 11/11/11

I am SO excited about my upcoming encaustic basics class due to start tomorrow on 11/11/11! I will be teaching it at the gorgeous NEW
Schack Art Center, located in downtown Everett, Washington. My class is full, and so is the amount of material we will cover. I think we will gear some encaustic collages toward this special date that will never take place again in our lifetimes! Here's to prime numbers and one's. (11/11/11 is also a "triple prime" equaling 33---is it not?!). 3 has always been my lucky number...I think great things are going to take place in this class!

11/11/11 Post "note": Sorry! 11/11/11 is NOT a triple prime...but it is a numerical palindrome AND  a "repunit"... (love how that word just rolls off the tongue).


Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!!!

Squash creations by (left to right): Mitch, Jen, myself, Thomas...


Can you tell it's my favorite time of year? Long live Dia de los Muertos!

Some of my favorite "Dia de Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) images from Oaxaca, Mexico and celebrations here in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. This holiday is truly a joyful celebration of deceased loved ones' lives, and I love everything about it. Wish I were in Mexico to witness this truly magical holiday...(miss the "killer" mezcal too, they sure know how to make it in Oaxaca).

More photos to come throughout the week!


Fall happenings...camping, sketching and studio tours.

Some of my work showing at Lynn Scott Studio during the Edmonds Art Studio Tour.

Art in the works...encaustic and mixed media.

I had the privilege of participating in the Edmonds Art Studio Tour at Lynn Scott Studio, September 17 and 18. We enjoyed varied weather (sun, rain, clouds) and LOTS of interested visitors. Lynn's entire house was filled with beautiful art, both upstairs and down! I demonstrated encaustic technique for most of the weekend, while gazing at the beautiful Puget Sound and Whidbey Island (through the studio window). What a treat!

There is A-R-T happening in my studio, in "fits and start" due to work and family obligations, but at least something is taking place! Shown above, I am experimenting with encaustic and mixed media (Pieces of Love and Happiness).

My partner, David, and I (and Chai the Bishon) recently went on a camping trip to Eastern Washington, to a beautiful lake near the small town of Winthrop. We were able to enjoy 80 degree weather, gorgeous "high and dry" views of desert, rolling hills and mountains. We had an abundance of quality sketching and reading time. We even caught a few trout! Chai had a wonderful time chasing ducks and fish, but kept "forgetting" how to swim...David even did some landscape sketching with me, under that beautiful tree by the lake.

But, in all this beauty, there is sadness this month. Chai (the Bishon) passed away on October 8. We are so thankful that we had one last camping trip together before she left this earth. I hope that she is chasing ducks and enjoying naps, wherever she is now...

Chai, 2000 (?)-October 8, 2011


Edmonds Art Studio Tour is coming this weekend!

This art assemblage piece that I just completed is ready to "debut" at the Edmonds Art Studio Tour, taking place this weekend, September 17 & 18, from 10-5! I will be showing at Lynn Scott Studio (#3 on the Tour map, see link below) along with Lynn Scott, Tracy Kay Fraker and Robin Westbrook.  When you arrive, you will see some amazing artwork! We will be showing acrylic and mixed media paintings, encaustic paintings, collage, assemblage, photography and hand-beaded jewelry. We will also be demonstrating various art techniques throughout the weekend. Edmonds is located approximately 30 minutes north of Seattle, and there is plenty to do (and taste there) this weekend. I'll see you there!


Can you guess what this art piece is about? Come over to Lynn Scott Studio and share your thoughts...


Various versions of a theme...

I am currently working on an assemblage piece with the theme of "By Definition", dealing with thoughts and issues surrounding womanhood, life, death, aging...It's been a joy to be working on this piece over the last three weeks, after coming through a very hectic time at my new job, coordinating classes for the Schack Art Center in Everett, Washington.

I am using encaustic with paper mache torsos and dried rose buds, a "found" vintage trunk shelf, wire, quail eggs and other found objects. It has been a fascinating journey, and the piece "shape-shifts" every day. The mechanics of putting this piece together have been a real challenge! At one point, I was hanging shellac-dipped quail eggs from tree branches in my back yard, tending to the their "drying" process like any good mother hen might do.

I am hoping to finish this in time to enter into the National Collage Society's online juried show. What's next? Attaching the other two remaining torsos, and arranging the "veil"...it will be a two-person job for this task!


Fall is coming and it's time for Warm Wax Collage!

My next workshop, Warm Wax Collage, is coming up on September 7! I will be teaching this creative workshop at the Schack Art Center in Everett, Washington. It's a one-day class that is very popular. If you are interested in encaustic art or collage, and want to know about the basics of working with warm beeswax, this is the class for you! You may find aout more about the class, and register here:


or call 425-259-5050. I'll see you in class!


"DOORS" exhibition at Fraker/Scott Gallery opens in Seattle this week...

"Sacred Door", one of my  mixed media pieces with collage, acrylic and assemblage, will be showing in downtown Seattle at Fraker/Scott Gallery during the month of August. This group exhibition, featuring intriguing door-inspired artwork, will include some innovative, new assemblage works as well. Don't miss it! Come on down to First Thursday Art Walk this Thursday, August 4 (5-8 p.m.), and find out from the artists–in person–what inspires them!

Fraker/Scott Gallery is located at 121 Prefontaine Place So., in the historical neighborhood of Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington. For more information about hours and events, please visit:


See you at Art Walk!


Whoa! Three weeks since my last post!? Some amazing student work...

I wanted to share these wonderful pieces done by my students in the "Artful Altered Photos" class at the Schack Art Center in Everett, Washington. What fun we had! I am sure my mom would not  have minded that she her image from 1955 became fodder for some fabulous artwork!

The NEXT class starts this Friday, June 15, at the Schack Art Center. There is still time to register! Please visit www.schack.org or call 425-259-5050!



I will be there BRIGHT AND EARLY selling lots of old, new and downright "funky" artwork. The "early bird" always gets the worm...this is THE BEST event of the year! (in downtown Everett, Washington)


The auction to benefit Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots starts TODAY, June 5!

IT'S OFFICIAL! LET THE SHRINE-ING BEGIN! The online auction to benefit Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots has begun! Buy art, help children. It's a win-win situation!!! The auction runs through June 12.

Here is the link:


This post has been a long time coming...

I apologize that I have not posted for quite some time! April and May were "whirlwind months" full of art workshops, a NEW job, a major computer "crash", and family activities. To begin with, ArtFest 2011, held in Port Townsend Washington, was FABULOUS! I took three wonderful mixed classes from Lynne Perrella, Michael deMeng (see my "female power" assemblage below) and Lisa Bebi. The weather was pretty darn nice and the views of the Puget Sound were gorgeous. I met so many wonderful and inspiring people, which is what ArtFest is all about.

My biggest news is that I am now gainfully employed by a wonderful organization called The Schack Art Center (formerly Arts Council of Snohomish County). The organization's building is a beautiful new 6 million dollar art center that just opened in Everett, Washington. It is complete with a hot  shop (for glass-blowing), kiln and flamework studios (for glass), multi-purpose classrooms and lovely gallery space. I was hired intially to work in the gallery shop as a sales associate, then quickly moved into the art class coordinator position. I am so proud and excited to be working with these wonderful people that I have known since the mid 1990's. They are very dedicated to promoting the visual arts (and artists) of Snohomish County. I am now working on steadily building up a schedule of art classes for fall 2011, and it's so exciting!

In the midst of all of this, my daughter transferred to Western Washington University, and has declared her major for fall, Graphic Design. I could not be more proud of her. She is looking forward to her fall line-up of classes, and in the meantime, will probably be working at Yosemite National Park in California for the summer. Way to go girl!

David and I (and Chai the Bishon) were able to "sneak" away to Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island in April (pictured above). What a gorgeous, rugged place that is...complete with bald eagles, para-gliders, wind. rain, sunsets, sweeping views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. We enjoyed lots of gin rummy and good eats, too.

AND, I am thrilled to announce that the online auction to benefit the Street Children of Oaxaca is ABOUT TO BEGIN. Check back here on June 1 to get the link to PREVIEW a wonderful line-up of artful, contemporary shrines that will be auctioned off for a great cause. That's all for now...


The online shrine auction to benefit street children of Oaxaca is about to start!

My shrine for the auction to benefit the street children of Oaxaca this year, "Illumination". It reflects my feelings about the raw and aged beauty of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the people of Oaxaca's ability to "rise" above the challenges of life there (thus the word "Ascension" and the dragonfly imagery on the inside of the cigar box). The shrine inside of the cigar box is actually made from an old clipboard, and I have added various found objects such as tin milagros, a ceramic Madonna and painted silk flowers.

This incredible online auction, started by Rebecca Brooks and due to start in early May, will feature a treasure trove of handmade shrines by many talented and caring artists who have found their way to this cause through the creative blogging community.

"Stay tuned" for more information on the "when, where and how" you can participate in this wonderful cause! Please visit http://corazon.typepad.com/gallery_of_hope/ to see more of these incredible shrines!

For more information about the organization Oaxaca StreetChildren Grassroots, click here!


The NEW Schack Art Center is opening this weekend!

Grand Opening Weekend!

Celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Schack Art Center in downtown Everett on April 30th and May 1st.The Schack Art Center Grand Opening, sponsored by Kia, will be filled with artist demonstrations, facility tours, and the opportunity to win an introductory glass blowing class OR youth art camp.

The weekend will also include the opening reception for The Nature of Glass exhibit curated by Traver Gallery on Saturday evening from 4-7pm. This inaugural exhibit will features works by preeminent international glass artists including  Dale Chihuly, Randy Walker, Dante Marioni, Karen Willenbrink-Johnson, Jane Rosen, Shelly Muzylowski-Allen, Steffen Dam and Preston Singletary, among others.

Artist Demonstration Schedule:
April 30th, 10am - 1pm: Pam Koons (Calligraphy), Stacey King (Flameworking), Bob Mitchell & Dan LaChaussee (Hot Glass)
April 30th, 1pm - 4pm: Evelia Sanches, (Pottery), Stacey King (Flameworking), Bob Mithchell & Dan LaChaussee (Hot Glass)
May 1st, Noon - 3pm: Nikki Wheeler (Kids Art Projects), Stacey King (Flameworking), Bob Mithchell & Dan LaChaussee (Hot Glass)
May 1st, 3pm - 5pm: Celeste Douville (Jewelry), Stacey King (Flameworking), Bob Mithchell & Dan LaChaussee (Hot Glass)
The Schack Art Center (formerly the Arts Council of Snohomish County) is a 19,000 square foot art center that includes a hot shop for glass blowing, cold-working shop, kiln and flame working studio, professional and student exhibit spaces, retail store and multi-purpose classrooms to accommodate a variety of media.

About the Schack's Grand Opening Weekend
Dates and Times: April 30, 10am - 7pm and May 1, Noon - 5pm (includes Nature of Glass reception on Saturday April 30th from 4-7pm.)
Location: Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Ave. Everett, WA 98201

Sponsors: Kia and Performance Kia of Everett. Thank you also to the City of Everett Cultural Arts Commission for their support of this event.

I will be working at this event on Saturday from 12-7 p.m. Hope to see you there!
(All text and photos in this post are Copyright 2011 Schack Art Center).


Register for my upcoming introductory encaustc art workshop!

Discover the basics of working with encaustic wax and it's use in today's contemporary art. Here's the FUN part: you will learn how to paint and fuse layers, add color, collage and even texture! We will also cover materials, equipment, and studio safety. You will finish the class with a good working knowledge of encaustics. This class is a prerequisite for "Intermediate Encaustic Technique", which will take place in July. Supply list provided at registration. Supply fee of $50 payable to instructor at class.


"Art des Femmes" exhibiton in Seattle

I am showing NEW encaustic work in this incredible show about women! Please come and check it out, it runs through April 30. The OPENING RECEPTION is happening THIS Saturday, April 16, from 6-8 p.m. Always a good time, with good company and good food! The artists will be there to talk about their work. Here is information about Fraker/Scott Gallery and the show:

ART des FEMMES: April 7-30

Art about Women. Introducing Pamela Mummy’s full figured females and Pamela Hastings large and small scale assemblage. Also goddesses, Venuses, and "ladies of the night" in encaustic by Lisa JonesMoore, new work by Mona Smiley Fairbanks, Sue Robertson, Tracy Fraker and Lynn Scott.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our reception and presentation of work and process for the APRIL 16 RECEPTION, 6-8 P.M. 121 Prefontaine Place So., Seattle, Washington (in Pioneer Square)
New hours: Wed-Sat 11- 5:00, phone: 206-883-4633, email for more info: FrakerScott@me.com