The online shrine auction to benefit street children of Oaxaca is about to start!

My shrine for the auction to benefit the street children of Oaxaca this year, "Illumination". It reflects my feelings about the raw and aged beauty of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the people of Oaxaca's ability to "rise" above the challenges of life there (thus the word "Ascension" and the dragonfly imagery on the inside of the cigar box). The shrine inside of the cigar box is actually made from an old clipboard, and I have added various found objects such as tin milagros, a ceramic Madonna and painted silk flowers.

This incredible online auction, started by Rebecca Brooks and due to start in early May, will feature a treasure trove of handmade shrines by many talented and caring artists who have found their way to this cause through the creative blogging community.

"Stay tuned" for more information on the "when, where and how" you can participate in this wonderful cause! Please visit http://corazon.typepad.com/gallery_of_hope/ to see more of these incredible shrines!

For more information about the organization Oaxaca StreetChildren Grassroots, click here!

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  1. your heart is so full of love for oaxaca. your shrine radiates bright hope for the children to move forward toward promise and fulfillment. thank you lisa for your continued support and generosity!

    so glad you are here.