Peace to all...

It's been a fun year sharing creative ideas, heartache, good news, not-so-good news and thought-provoking ideas and images with old friends, new friends and my new-found blogging family. It's been wonderful having a place to sound-off about the frustrations of being an "artist" in this complicated world, as well. Thank you all for visiting and leaving your comments. Here's to a great 2011!


Stop, look, listen...

Dear Diary: I have had enough! Enough holiday chatter to last me a lifetime. Enough already! (That's what my dog told me today while I was trying to get a good shot of her by the Christmas tree, in her new holiday sweater).

I am revisiting some photos of mine of a recent camping trip the the Washington coast, near the town of Ocean Shores. I can hear the surf, the birds, smell the brine, the damp, the muck...it's glorious!

Remember to stop, look and listen...

I wish everyone a very warm and peaceful and quiet holiday, whatever that holiday may be. Be grateful, be in the moment. Sit by a lake, or on a beach, or by a river....as a gift to yourself.


My "Virgins of the Day"

Top: The Virgin, Rome, Italy
Bottom: The Virgin, Ana Capri, Italy

A Virgin a Day

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Dear Diary: My Life. This Week...

What a week. After spending Monday and Tuesday posting new "goodies in Etsy, I have turned "inward"– exploring new work involving Mom, and how her early death affected me. I'm thinking about this because I was recently asked to submit to a new publication that is "in the works". It involves answering some tough questions about my experiences as an "artist", and a request for some art that is inward-looking, personal. I have been skirting the issue for years, knowing full well that some day I would have to embrace Her, fully, in my art. I have felt her in the studio with me, as I peruse old photos of her. All I have left of her "life" are her old cookbook (her notations are in the margins, along with unknown bits of dried food), one of her art history books (complete with her handwritten lecture notes) and her photos from the 1950's, right before I was born. As I work on this particular piece, I seem to be having some heartfelt, silent conversations with her...feels good. Love you mom.

Pictured: work in progress.