My ASUW Collage and Assemblage classes now open for registration!

Fabulous student work from my 2009 class, "Candy Tin Assemblage"

O.K., I know your fingers are just itching to try something new in 2010! I'm offering two classes at the ASUW Experimental College (Seattle campus, Washington) in January and February, that I think you would enjoy! The first one is called "Candy Tin Shadow Box" on January 30, and the second one is "The Painted Page: Springtime" on February 27 (click here to see pics!). Please visit www.exco.org for the full descriptions. They are listed under the category "Arts and Crafts".

You may register online, or by calling 206-68-LEARN. I'll see you in class! (PSSST! These make great gifts, too! Send that 'special someone' to art class!).


I am so blessed...

Right now (this is the closest time I will ever get to "tweeting")...right at this very moment, I am in my home by myself, on Christmas Eve, doing just what I love to do. Wrapping gifts (O.K., don't really love that too much), enjoying serenity and silence, and watching one of my fave Holiday movies, "It's a Wonderful Life". I feel just like George Bailey at the end of the film... so very thankful for everything and everyone in my life. My will to create is supported in so many ways.

"I have enough, I do enough, I am enough."

I am so thankful for friends, family, my health and even the wonderful people I have met in this crazy blogging world. A huge thank you to all the students and 'seekers' I have had to privilege to teach and share myself with this year. I do hope you all get to have even one moment of serenity and silence so that you may contemplate your many blessings and thank the people who support you and your creative endeavors...please keep peace and gratitude in your heart this year!


My Holiday Gift to you: Mom's Rum Ball Recipe

Every year, during the Holidays, I reconnect with my mom (who passed away in 1980) by cooking some of her recipes. I drag out her recipe cards and the old, tattered Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, whose time-worn pages are full of family memories and 'history'. Her notations (and mine) are written in some of the margins. There are crusted remains of  past cooking adventures on some of the pages. That cookbook is probably older than I am. Here is one of my mom's own recipes, I hope you try it out! (Caution: limit intake of these cookies, you may need a "designated driver" after consuming too many of these).

6 cups vanilla wafers, crushed
3/4 cups  rum (more or less)–I like the strong taste of rum, you may want to use less!
6 TBSP white Karo syrup (sweetened corn syrup)
6 TBSP cocoa (unsweetened)
2–3 cups chopped walnuts
3 cups powdered sugar (more or less)

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl (hands work best!), except for the powdered sugar. Roll mixture into small balls, then roll in powdered sugar. Put into tightly sealed containers. Flavor increases with age! This recipe makes enough to share with  family and friends...Thanks mom! Love you...

For more information and history of the wonderful rum ball, visit Wickipedia.


A bit of Robert Frost saved me today...

Tracks in Snow, COPYRIGHT 2009 JonesMoore

I have a cold, my son has a cold. He's home from school today. It's wet, gray and dark by 4:30 in the afternoon. Yet, I came across this poem, one that I had used in a recent collage class. I'm sure that you have heard it.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

by Robert Frost (1923)

Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer

To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake

The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound's the sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

(I feel better now...)


I will demonstrate how to make a shrine tomorrow!

The 'beginnings' of a shrine...

Saturday, December 12, I will be doing a demonstration on how I combine encaustic and assemblage to make a contemporary shrine. The shrine I have started, pictured above, will be offered online during an auction to benefit the street children of Oaxaca, Mexico. The demo will be part of the monthly Artists Connect meeting, held in Edmonds, Washington, at the ArtWorks building at the corner of Dayton and 2nd. The meeting starts at 10:oo a.m., and is for artists that live/work in or near the Edmonds and 'north of Seattle' area. I am very excited to be starting a piece of artwork that will benefit children who are in need. To read more about this cause, please visit:

This contemporary shrine will go through many phases before being complete. The online auction, featuring the artwork of many talented artists across the U.S., will be taking place in March of 2010, so please visit this blog for updates!


Pics from my "Painted Page" collage book workshop

"Totally awesome" work done by my students during last Saturday's "The Painted Page" collage book workshop at the University of Washington (Experimental College). I am always absolutely amazed and thrilled at what people create in my classes! It was a beautiful, cold crisp day outside, while we were cozy in our classroom, just creating.

Interesting note: there was a University of California alumni party going on in the center atrium of the building that day (it was football game day for the UW), and the BAND decided to start playing while I was trying to do my first demo of the class. That's something I will never forget (with humor)! It's a bit distracting to try to demo for a class while the band is playing --at FULL volume--their school fight song...the only option was to smile, and go out and listen to the band!

Be sure to check back for my new class listings for Winter 2010!


Point and Shoot Journaling with LK Ludwig

Rotting apples...COPYRIGHT 2009 JonesMoore
Tree roots in Sayulita...COPYRIGHT 2009 JonesMoore

I've been participating in an online journaling class called Point and Shoot Journaling, put on by LK Ludwig. It's been a wonderful experience, and has kept me "creative" at times when I didn't feel like being creative! We are working with our own photos, as well as song lyrics, metaphor and other writing assignments. LK starts a new class each month, and it's fabulous!. To see more of my journal pages, please visit my Flickr site!


It's beautiful here even when it's 'gloomy'...

Photos of Snoqualmie Falls and Snoqualmie River, Copyright 2009 JonesMoore

Last week, I took a little road trip (in the rain) down to Snoqualmie Falls, near Seattle. The landscape was drenched in water, and saturated with glorious color. The mist from the falls was both invigorating and healing. 

Just a reminder to self: "when the going gets rough, the tough go out in NATURE."



Before we all plunge into 30+ days of overindulgence, please take the time to be grateful, thankful, joyful.

Here is a wonderful video on "Gratefulness", sent to me by a dear friend, that made me cry (tears of gratitude)!


The Painted Page: collage book workshop in Seattle!

Altered book page, Copyright 2005 JonesMoore

"Ahh Collage", Copyright 2005 JonesMoore

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, and spend the afternoon painting and collaging free-form, folded books. This 'process-oriented' class will open your eyes to many possibilities using various papers, fabrics, texture and acrylic paints. Heavy watercolor paper and some collage materials will be provided. The instructor, Lisa JonesMoore, holds a BFA, and has been creating and teaching in the area for 15 years. No experience required!

When: Saturday, December 5, 1:30–5:30 p.m.

Where: University of Washington, Seattle campus

Cost: $45. General public/$ 35 UW students

Register: call 206-68-LEARN

or visit www.exco.org

The Painted Page, Course #10.0332, listed under "Arts and Crafts"


New items for sale in my Etsy shop, check it out!

"Encaustic Sunflower", Copyright 2009 JonesMoore

I have just put some new items in my Etsy shop, which is a fabulous place to shop online for all items handmade: art, photography, home decor, jewelry, clothing and just about everything 'creative'. Stop in and take a look!


An art show you CANNOT miss! (All for a good cause)

"Venus Hohl Fels", encaustic, Copyright 2009 JonesMoore

Lowell Art Works Presents:

“The Breasts of the Northwest III: Oh-Nine!"

November 21st – December 20th, 2009

at Lowell Art Works in Everett, WA



The time has come 'round again for the draperies to drop, the shirts to be shed, and the double D's to be displayed! Proudly!  Persecution- and prosecution-free!

The Breasts of the Northwest III: Oh-Nine!

I could wax poetic here and sing you the saga of the beleaguered bosom, but I shall leave that to the blogosphere and the media, where the poor dears' tale has endured debate and discussion the likes of few other features of the feminine form. And alas, I do mean only feminine, as apparently these are especially incendiary.

“Revered, underrated, over-covered, decorated, worshipped, resented, cherished, twisted, admired.  They arouse, nurture, aggravate, comfort, inspire.  They cause joy, heartache, backache, desire, obsession, fantasy, bankruptcy, embarrassment, confusion, pride.  They’re controversial.  They’re irresistible.  They’re dangerous and harmless.  They’re constant companions, old friends, and a pain in the ass for tummy sleepers.  Everybody’s born with ‘em, though more than half are destined to remain purely decorative.  To what do I refer, you ask?  I speak, of course, of the incomprehensible breast.”

We shall once again celebrate the focus of our fancies, and this year with extra support (and foam) for the female front! Decaf, half-caf, with whip or without, our own beautiful bits or a buddy's, we will honor the aesthetic so tragically treated and scandalously stifled.


What:    Opening Party for "The Breasts of the Northwest III: Oh-Nine!"

Where:  Lowell Art Works, 5205 S. 2nd Ave., Everett, WA  98203

When:   Saturday, November 21st, 4-9 PM

(Concurrently with the sideshow: 

"Puff: The Art, Allure and Agony of the Smoking Culture")

Text courtesy of Lowell Art Works! Some proceeds from sales go to breast cancer research.




A wonderful place to visit in Edmonds, Washington...

I just LOVE my Orange Crush star, made by Ben Ncube...

I just stopped in to see the shop, Fabric of Life, during a rare sunny stroll through Edmonds, Washington. I met the owner, who is currently living on the roof of her store, to raise money for her wonderful cause. I purchased a fabulous tin star, made from Orange Crush cans, that I will put in a special place in my studio. Here is the website for this amazing non-profit store that supports women and their craft, from around the world:
This is their mission statement:
Our projects focus on improving the quality of life for women and their families through sustainable, appropriate technology that respects and honors local traditions and cultures. Our philosophy is to form cooperative partnerships that promote self-help and that build people's self-esteem and independence.

Our development philosophy: We believe people know their own needs. We believe in people's capacity to help themselves. We believe that development is about encouragement, learning, strategic experimentation and partnership exchanges. (Text courtesy of Fabric of Life website)

Stop in for some Holiday shopping, you won't be disappointed!!


More beautiful beeswax collages from my class...

Do they know
that I get as much from them
as they get
from me?

Amazing student work from my Beeswax Collage class that took place last weekend. I will offer this class again in the spring, in Edmonds, Washington, through Edmonds Community College/ArtsNow.


Some glorious beeswax collage work by my students...

Beautiful images...
by seekers
of adventure, creativity, risk...
some examples of student work from my Beeswax Collage class. I could not have asked for a better day of teaching and sharing.

More images to come!


Stop! And smell the beeswax...join me for beeswax collage this weekend.

Imagine the scent of warm beeswax (all day!), while the rain rages just outside. Imagine spending a few hours with some fellow creative types from all walks of life–playing with paper, fabric and found objects. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

Join me this Saturday, November 7, for my workshop Beeswax Collage. There is one day left to register, and plenty of room!


mi cráneo del azúcar

My sugar skull 'creation', made for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration...


Happy Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Tacoma Art Museum

Ofrenda (shrine) to a loved one, Tacoma Art Museum, Dia de los Muertos

More ofrendas...
Traditional Mexican sand painting, Tacoma Art Museum

Traditional Mexican Dancers, Tacoma Art Museum

A sampling of last weeks' fantastic activities...(can you tell it's my favorite time of year??)! My pumpkin creation is on the right, and D.'s is on the left, which later acquired a pierced tongue. For more images, please visit my flickr site!


Take this class!!!!

You won't regret it, I guarantee that...

taught by Wendy Lee Lynds, collage artist, stand-up "comedian". *

*she's very funny...


Candy Tin Assemblage class was fabulous fun...

Some of my students' work from my Candy Tin Assemblage class that took place last night. These photos show various stages of progress throughout the evening. My students were mostly teachers (middle and high school), and artists. I felt like I was in very good company. Teaching this class was a very rewarding experience!


How to kiss up to your muse

A creative friend emailed this article to me, written by Danielle LaPorte. After I read this fabulous article, I went on to read a few more, all very compelling...

The Muse of love, art, cash, strategy, worship, desire, wellness, beauty, business plans.

Don't you adore her? Do you...adore her? Actively? Adore.

Muses simply must be adored. They're as grandiose as they are generous. They like to be respected. If you meet them half way, they'll give you the moon, the breakthrough concept, the stroke of...genius. Dis' your muse and she's likely to stop dropping by. She's righteous. Genius is like that.

As Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) puts it in her freshly legendary TED Talk, we've made "a huge error in believing that creative genius comes from the Self," rather than a greater source outside of us. Can you hear the Muses saying, "Yeah baby. Got that right. You say it sister."

There are a zillion starry ideas floating in the milky way and they need you as much as you need them. Genius is looking for a vehicle. You gotta pimp your ride.


1. Drop everything when she shows up.
In an interview with Neil Young, Charlie Rose asks Neil about following his muse. (You won't hear this in the clip below.)

Charlie: "So if you get an idea at say, a dinner party, if you hear a tune or a lyric, do you excuse yourself form the party?"
Neil: "Of course. You never know when she'll (The Muse) come again. I'm responsible to her."

When you feel an idea comin' on, excuse yourself. Pull over to the side of the road. Get lost in the creative flow. Be late. Barge in. (Eccentricity makes Muses especially horny.)

2. Have your tools ready.
Anne Lamott, keeps 3×4 white note cards and pens in every purse and drawer and vehicle to capture thoughts that float out as quickly as they float in. If I leave home without my kraft Moleskine and blue medium point PaperMate pens, I feel discombobulated, like I might miss my train. Keep a notepad by your night stand. Leave yourself a voice mail. Don't assume that the best ideas will come back to you.

3. Go looking for her.
You know where she likes to party: the art gallery, by the lake, on your morning run, when the stereo is cranked and the lights are low, in the stillness of a church or forest, when you first wake up. Set the stage and chances are she'll take to it.

4. Engage her.
She's busy, for sure, but The Muse LOVES it when you actually play with her. When she drops an idea in your bucket you can ask her what the hell she's thinking. You can ask her what chapter should come next, or where to look for funding. She could yammer 'til dawn and before you know it, you've mapped out your magnum opus.

5. Do what she tells you to do.
Ignore your muse at your own peril. She doesn't always have it right, or maybe we don't always hear her clearly, but the more you heed her wisdom, the faster you get to drive on the Creative Awesomeness Highway. You and The Muse in the diamond lane. Godspeed.

All text in this post is Copyright Danielle LaPorte.