I will demonstrate how to make a shrine tomorrow!

The 'beginnings' of a shrine...

Saturday, December 12, I will be doing a demonstration on how I combine encaustic and assemblage to make a contemporary shrine. The shrine I have started, pictured above, will be offered online during an auction to benefit the street children of Oaxaca, Mexico. The demo will be part of the monthly Artists Connect meeting, held in Edmonds, Washington, at the ArtWorks building at the corner of Dayton and 2nd. The meeting starts at 10:oo a.m., and is for artists that live/work in or near the Edmonds and 'north of Seattle' area. I am very excited to be starting a piece of artwork that will benefit children who are in need. To read more about this cause, please visit:

This contemporary shrine will go through many phases before being complete. The online auction, featuring the artwork of many talented artists across the U.S., will be taking place in March of 2010, so please visit this blog for updates!


  1. That was a great demo--you have lots of interesting tips to share!

  2. thank you!! this is so lovely, as is your heart!!
    your generosity stirs my hopes for these children and a bright future for all.


  3. You are welcome, and thanks for your comments. It feels so good to be able to use my artistic ability to help other people.