Pics from my "Painted Page" collage book workshop

"Totally awesome" work done by my students during last Saturday's "The Painted Page" collage book workshop at the University of Washington (Experimental College). I am always absolutely amazed and thrilled at what people create in my classes! It was a beautiful, cold crisp day outside, while we were cozy in our classroom, just creating.

Interesting note: there was a University of California alumni party going on in the center atrium of the building that day (it was football game day for the UW), and the BAND decided to start playing while I was trying to do my first demo of the class. That's something I will never forget (with humor)! It's a bit distracting to try to demo for a class while the band is playing --at FULL volume--their school fight song...the only option was to smile, and go out and listen to the band!

Be sure to check back for my new class listings for Winter 2010!


  1. Thanks for such a fun time :)

  2. It was really fun!! My host family
    love my collage.
    thank you so much.

  3. I had a fabulous time too!! Thank you.