My ASUW Collage and Assemblage classes now open for registration!

Fabulous student work from my 2009 class, "Candy Tin Assemblage"

O.K., I know your fingers are just itching to try something new in 2010! I'm offering two classes at the ASUW Experimental College (Seattle campus, Washington) in January and February, that I think you would enjoy! The first one is called "Candy Tin Shadow Box" on January 30, and the second one is "The Painted Page: Springtime" on February 27 (click here to see pics!). Please visit www.exco.org for the full descriptions. They are listed under the category "Arts and Crafts".

You may register online, or by calling 206-68-LEARN. I'll see you in class! (PSSST! These make great gifts, too! Send that 'special someone' to art class!).

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