Poetry to ring in the New Year...

Lunar eclipse, Copyright JonesMoore 2008

This is one of my favorites. I could read this over and over again. It was written by Sara Teasdale, in 1915.

Peace flows into me
As the tide to the pool by the shore;
It is mine forevermore,
It ebbs not back like the sea.

I am the pool of blue
That worships the vivid sky;
My hopes were heaven-high,
They are all fulfilled in you.

I am the pool of gold
When sunset burns and dies, --
You are my deepening skies,
Give me your stars to hold.

I wish you all a beautiful, loving and joyful year. Namaste.
The gorgeous photo was taken by my son, then 11 years old...


  1. "You are my deepening skies, give me your stars to hold." My favorite lines. The photo is wonderful -- is your son still taking photos?

  2. Yes, they ARE wonderful words! My son enjoys taking videos and gaming now!

  3. A beautiful poem for sure and the photo-- looks like a budding photographer in the making