The wonder of small things...and large!

My Christmas gift (from my wonderful S. O.) arrived yesterday, in a very small package. We have been waiting for this little wonder since ordering it just before Christmas. No, it's not a baby or puppy or kitten...it's an "Eee" (mini-laptop)!!

Ok, I have been a dedicated MAC person since the first one arrived (1988) in the design office I was working for at the time. It had a huge black and white screen, and had been modified to do vast amounts of graphic design work. I felt as though the 'black monolith' from Space Odyssey 2001 had arrived. We were all in awe of such a machine... Now, my household has 3 generations of iMacs, 4 generations of iPods and this new little mini PC.

So, my new "Eee" runs Windows 7, and I'm having to re-learn how to do simple tasks. It is a lovely little white laptop that, when closed, resembles a very large make-up case! Presently, it seems that the best things seem to be coming in smaller and smaller packages. But it's very interesting that the new Apple iMac screens seem to be growing larger exponentially! I suppose sometime in the near future, I'll be streaming (and watching) all my favorite TV shows and movies on one of those new gigantic iMac screens, via the web. My daughter's new iMac screen already dwarfs my screen that seemed huge just 5 years ago!

Times do change, yet somehow stay the same in many ways...wish me luck with navigating Windows 7!

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