Feliz Cumpleanos a Mi (to my blog, that is)!

"Kisses to me", Copyright 2008 JonesMoore

Yes, this is it! The One Year Birthday of my blog, "La Vida Artistica=The Artistic Life". I can hardly believe it. It has been a most amazing year, both in the blogosphere and in real life.

I am also coming up on my one year anniversary of teaching mixed media classes in the Seattle area, after taking a break from teaching for a few years. I have met the most fabulous people and students through my art workshops, and look forward to many more new 'connections'. I have met some very talented creative types through blogging, and I'm so excited to expand those connections and friendships, as well.

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A HUGE thank you from me to you: to everyone who has taken the time over this past year to make a connection with me, share bits of yourself and your creative process and create meaningful dialogue!!

The earrings I am wearing today have this inscription: "Do what you love." and "Love what you do." I hope you all will continue to work towards those ends, for it is a lifelong process!


  1. so happy blog birthday! one year old.
    It dawned on me that we never got together to talk about traveling and teaching workshops outside the Seattle area--- perhaps you have already started to schedule them. I fly next Tuesday to Florida to teach a workshop for the week. All my workshops scheduled for 2010 is out of state. Let me know if you would still like to get together.

  2. so glad we share the rich world of blogging!
    happy birthday.