Back from ArtFest 2009

I just returned last weekend from ArtFest, a wonderful art retreat held in Port Townsend, Washington. As usual (it's my 5th year attending), I was filled with the 'creative' spirit, made new art friends and reconnected with old ones.  See more of my photos at my Flickr site

I am sending a HUGE thank you to Teesha and Tracy Moore and 'company' (the wonderful volunteers) for a fantastic ArtFest experience. My instructors were ALL fabulous: Michael deMeng, Sas Colby and LK Ludwig (Lori, I hope your wrist has mended!!). I learned so much...

Definitely a tough concept at ArtFest...slow down!

Really getting into my artwork 'zone'...

A few pieces that I did during LK Ludwig's Metal Mesh class.


  1. I can't believe that we were both in LK's class and I didn't find you! It looks like you did some wonderful stuff. I was so sick and the room (and outside "patina studio") were so cold that I gave up and told LK I had to leave at lunchtime. I just packed up my stuff and drove home.

  2. Gosh, I hope you are feeling better...that was a wonderful, relaxing class!