"The Vancouver Problem"... article about the state of the arts in the Pacific Northwest

Vancouver B.C water taxi, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

(I love Vancouver!) Read this recent article from "The Stranger" and come back and tell me what you think about the art scene in Seattle, Vancouver B.C., the U.S. in general. I tend to agree with the article. I have to thank my daughter (who will be attending art school in Vancouver in the fall) for sending me this one. Good job!



  1. From the other side of the Atlantic, I read this article with great interest, and too little understanding; the scenario is too far removed from anything I know, but I feel for the status of art wherever one is based and often ask myself at what point we start to look outwards, rather than within one's own 'circle' or locality. Does this make sense? (Ann from UK, with our own artistic idiosyncracies!)

  2. I think it's good to occasionally look at the state of things around us, but best to mostly concentrate on making our lives what we want them to be...to live the life that we want to, regardless of 'statistics' and negative stories! This article was thought-provoking, though....