New encaustic painting

This intriguing encaustic painting uses scribed (carved) lines and texture to evoke something very ancient, with a sense of 'history'. The inspiration I had for this piece was a set of three carved bone beads. It's done on cradled birch board, so there is no need for framing! Encaustic art is very durable, and archival.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting please visit:  
OR   http://jonesmoore.etsy.com


  1. You have definitely captured that ancient feeling. This looks almost like a fresco you might find on an ancient wall.

  2. Those San Xavier photos? The Mission itself is in Tucson. I have one shot I am sending to you as soon as I a) finish culling my photos tonight and b) have your email address -- is it the one in your sidebar? jomoma58@yahoo.com? So many of your photos on your ETSY shop inspired this shot and I want you to have it!