The birth of a shrine...

This is another clipboard shrine in the works. These shrine/assemblage pieces are like jigsaw puzzles...I just have to be patient with the process of trial and error (i.e. fitting the right pieces together). I did the base and niche (made from an old book) last January, and I'm just getting around to placing objects on the shrine. I found the porcelain figure piece at ArtFest vendor night 3 months later, so one HAS to be patient with the process. It's a good idea to have more than one of these going at the same time...if an object doesn't work on one shrine, then it may work on another. Now, how to attach... 


  1. Lisa, looks like another great shrine is in the making. Those vintage dolls are so cool.

  2. Wonderful concept ... . really love your work!

    (another Disintegration Artist)