365: day 62 ArtFest!!, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

The excitement is mounting! ArtFest is happening NEXT WEEK at Fort Worden in the beatiful Washington seaside town of Port Townsend. How can I possibly describe this event in words?? Let's see...one big pajama-art-love-slumber-party, memories made for life, art friends new and old coming together.

My metal journal, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
My metal journal, ArtFest 2009

ArtFest Car, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
Wonderful ArtFest Car, 2009

365: day 68 Shrine to Sofia, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Shrine to Sofia, made at ArtFest 2009.


Fort Worden bunker door, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
Fort Worden bunker door.


Snow and seaweed, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
Snow and seaweed at Fort Worden.

Metal mesh projects, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
My metal mesh projects at ArtFest 2009

My hand at ArtFest, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
My hand at ArtFest...


Self portrait in progress, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
Self portrait in progress at ArtFest, 2009


Fort Worden beach, originally uploaded by jomoma58.
Fort Worden beach, ArtFest 2009.


Sign at Fort Worden, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Sign at Fort Worden


Fort Worden building, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

This is a building at Fort Worden.


The development of an idea...

Above: Original idea

Progression of an idea. This encaustic painting is about the "primordial and spiritual" experience of being female. The handwritten quote "underneath" the wax is an excerpt from "The Thunder, Perfect Mind", taken from the Nag Hammadi Library (The Gnostic Society Library). Fascinating reading, by the way.

The quote starts out with "I was sent forth from the power..." According to expert Elaine Pagels, it was "...spoken in the voice of a feminine divine power."

(Blogger isn't allowing me to arrange the photos in order of progression, but you get the idea.)


A Sneak Peek At Hot Sticks Encaustic Wax Paint

OMG, yet another cool item(s) to spend money on (like I really need to buy more art supplies!)...take a look.


Thank you for "following" this blog!

I have notice that in recent weeks I have attained a few more fellow blog "followers"! I just wanted to thank you for that, and will try to keeps things interesting and up-to-date here at "La Vida Artistica". And thank you for your comments, without them I would not know if anyone is visiting! There are SO many new happenings on the horizon for me in the coming months, here's a quick outline:
  •  NEW art classes at the NEW Schack Art Center in beautiful Everett, Washington. Please visit www.schack.org for updates on my encaustic and mixed media classes starting there in May, opening exhibitions and the center's GRAND OPENING happening at the end of April!
  • My original encaustic and mixed media art will continue to be on display at the fabulous Fraker/Scott Gallery in downtown Seattle, near Pioneer Square. Please visit www.frakerscottgallery.com for lots of information on new exhibits, art walks and art openings.
  • Yes, it's BACK! The famous one and only Artists Garage Sale, happening on Saturday, June 18 from 9-3. This year, it will take place in the NEW Schack Art Center in downtown Everett, Washington. Get there early, with lots of cash...visit www.schack.org for updates.
I do hope to see you at some of these events! Now, if I could only find some time to actually MAKE ART...


Detail of new encaustic work...

Detail of new encaustic work..., originally uploaded by jomoma58.
This a small detail shot of the 3rd piece in my series of encaustic art dealing with women and the four elements...this one is "fire". It's still in progress. Look for this finished piece at the "Femme" show at Fraker/Scott Gallery in Seattle in April!


Juxtaposition: March 3-April 2 at Fraker/Scott Gallery

A new series by Tracy Kay Fraker contrasts ideas dealing with fate and destiny versus free will. Visually rich in painterly brushwork, subtle color and texture. Tracy will be doing a presentation of her work and process for the March reception, Saturday March 19th 6-8 pm. Also new work by Lisa JonesMoore and Chris Cantu.

Seattle's First Thursday Art Walk is this Thursday, March 3,  from 5-8 p.m. Come and join us!  121 Prefontaine Place So., near Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. For more information, please visit http://www.frakerscottgallery.com