Clipboard Shrine-ology Workshop

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I am SO excited to be teaching this class on April 25 at the University of Washington Experimental College in Seattle, Wa. I will also teach it in Everett, Wa, on June 13. Here's the basic information about the class:

Create a fun and fabulous clipboard shrine dedicated to a meaningful event or person in your life. You will learn about various forms of Mexican shrines and their place in contemporary society. Discover how to manipulate various media including acrylics, fabric, paper and text-while learning the art of simple attachments for found objects. Express yourself with photos, handwritten notes and your own sacred objects. To register, please visit the UW Experimental College website. The Spring quarter catalog should be up very soon. If you have any questions about the class, you may contact me at:  jomoma58@yahoo.com


I just finished these two blank journals, which will soon be available in my Etsy.com shop. I had a great time collaging muslin, cheesecloth and bottle caps (from Mexico) onto the covers–both front and back. I then applied some nice layers of acrylic washes. There are 14 blank pages inside (28 sides). I believe I will do more of these!

Spanish word for the week

It's time for the Sayulita "word of the week", courtesy (and copyright) of "El Sayulero" (February 20):

el mote
English Translation: nickname
Spanish Example: Le ha merecido el mote de "Godinez"
English Translation: He has earned the nickname of "Godinez"

I receive this lovely e-newsletter once a week from the quaint seaside town of Saylita, Mexico--one of my favorite places on earth!


Sheep on Orcas Island

sheep on Orcas Island, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

I spent the weekend on beautiful Orcas Island in the Puget Sound. Stopping to take a few pictures of these adorable sheep and lambs (three black ones, one white one), cost us our coveted spot in the ferry line. Had to wait 4 –1/2 more hours for the next ferry!! Ah, that's island life. But, it was a gorgeous sunny winter day, and there was much exploring to do around the ferry dock: beaches, gift shops and the Orcas Hotel (built in the 1800's). Had a grand picnic in the back of the car, complete with beer, cold cuts, cheese, olives, strawberries, chocolate...and a mean game of gin rummy! No complaints.

Shrine of a Lifetime workshop: 3–1/2 days left to register!

There's only 3–1/2 days left to register for this exciting workshop, happening in Edmonds, WA. It will run February 21 and 28 (two consecutive Saturdays). We are going to learn a multitude of techniques such as: transforming small everyday objects with paint, how to use cheesecloth, muslin and lace for texture, simple attachments with carpet tacks, wire and screws, combining unrelated objects and images...If you, or someone that you know, might be interested in this fun and rewarding workshop, please call ArtsNow at : 425-643-1243. Below is the specific information you'll need for registration:

Instructor: Lisa JonesMoore
ArtsNow C405
Edmonds Community College/ArtsNow
Edmonds, Washington
Dates: February 21 and February 28
Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Class Fee: $139

More information on this class at :


TED Talk on creativity by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of "Eat, Pray, Love")

Elizabeth's words about the creative process and persistence literally brought tears to my eyes. She sums it all up so wonderfully in just a few minutes. Thank you, Elizabeth.


Fun with foam!

Fun with foam 2, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

Started working in an altered book journal yesterday, stamping the words "La sonrisa" (smile). But I became distracted from that when I discovered that the design (of painted foam letters) sitting on my work desk was much more interesting! I'm thinking of just gluing these to a surface and calling it done...art-making is SO strange sometimes.


The Creative Process

This term,"the creative process", is kicked around quite often. It's mysterious, ethereal, fleeting, unattainable, frustrating, joyous, maddening, elusive, bizarre, uplifting. At least it is for me. My 'creative process' still baffles the hell out of me. It's my driving force, and the bane of my existence, my source of balance and joy, my lifeblood, my center. Yet I still can't put my finger on just how this creative process thing happens, and why. Here's how my 'process' happens some of the time (o.k., most of the time):

1) while driving, walking showering (or whatever), I get a flash or picture of something in my head.
2) I search for ten minutes for a sketchbook and a decent pen or pencil so that I can jot and sketch the idea. (Or, I give up, and the it just 'slides' away)
3) I first write about my idea for a while, then make a rudimentary sketch
4) I go back to whatever I was doing, and forget about it
5) some time later, I 'remember' this great idea that I had, and go searching for the sketchbook (one of about eight floating around the house and studio). I usually can't find it.
6) I start playing with some art supplies I have lying around, and 'something' starts to happen.
7) I get interrupted by dogs, kid, or phone. Creative momentum comes to a screeching halt.
8) A couple of days later, I return to the project I started, or some other one that's been collecting dust for a while.
9) Again, interruptions, creative momentum comes to another halt.
10) Finally finish one of the projects that had been 'stewing' for a while. Not in any linear manner. Creative process shaped more like a figure 8, I guess.
11) I run across that sketchbook one day (the one with the great idea from a few weeks/months/years ago). I look at the writing and sketches and wonder to myself: "Gee, why did I not bring this idea (or that idea) to fruition? It's damn good!)
12) I proceed, again, to misplace said sketchbook, along with the other seven I have lying around...somewhere.
13) Start playing with random art supplies, and something starts to 'happen'. Cycle starts all over again.
14) Moral: I guess when I die, my kids can sell those sketchbooks and make a few bucks. No, seriously, I really should keep them all in one place, in an organized fashion (the sketchbooks, not the kids!).
15) Art just happens...


Spanish word for the week: la sonrisa

I receive a wonderful online weekly newsletter from the little town of Sayulita, Mexico, which is about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. I have been to Sayulita numerous times and, despite it's recent growth due to being "discovered", it is one of my most favorite places in Mexico. It has retained its small/town fishing village charm, and everyone knows everyone. In their newsletter, "El Sayulero", they usually have an update of what's going on in the community, and an interview with a local member of the community (or expat who lives there). They also have a Spanish word for the week, which I just love. So, this is courtesy of "El Sayulero", February 6:

Sayulita "word of the week"

la sonrisa
English Translation: smile
Spanish Example: No hay nada mejor que ver tu sonrisa.
English Translation: There is nothing better than seeing your smile.

Pictured: Bras and undies at the Sayulita market, courtesy of my daughter, Jen. (This picture makes me smile!)

My best friend today...

A very old soul... 365: day 24, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

"So let go, let go,
jump in
oh well whatcha waiting for, just get in
it's all amazing
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown..."
"So let go, let go,
jump in
yeh, it's alright
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown..."

--music by Frou Frou (Garden State soundtrack)

I'm a blank page today.
rain falling, gray
I'll just listen to Garden State for a while.
(Max is my best friend today.)

So here's a bit of the 'darker side' of the creative process, of being an artist. We are all only human...
(Time to shut up and drag out all of my paints.)

Other song lyric faves:
"You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes
you just might find
You get what you need."

--Rolling Stones


Saints and Sinners: Shrine Workshop in Arizona

I will be teaching this fabulous and fun workshop in Arizona, March 13–15, in sunny St. David. We will explore the 'saints and sinners' in our lives, as well as those throughout history, especially those in the Latino cultures. We will learn how to make  personal shrines out of  cigar boxes, found objects, collage and simple assemblage techniques. The cut-off date to sign up is February 12, so get a friend or two to sign up with you and make a fun trip out of it! St. David is within 1 hour of Tuscon and Bisbee, and both places are loaded with history and culture. Please contact Karon Leigh at exPRESSive Arts Studio at http://expressiveartsstudio.com, or contact me at jomoma58@yahoo.com for more information. There is also a direct link to the exPRESSive Arts Studio website in my sidebar, under "Workshops".


My new studio loft is finished!

I can hardly believe it! My new studio loft is complete, with a gorgeous view of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound. This room used to be my daughter's bedroom, and had no built-in heat and was very damp in the winters. (She's a child of the Northwest, and loved it this way). When I first bought the house, this loft room (by way of captain's ladder through a hole in the floor) had pea green carpet and an old decaying built-in couch that took up half the room. I NEVER thought it could look like this!! It's now complete with beautiful track lighting, natural wood panelling and hardwood floor. I have my wonderful Significant Other to thank for all of this. (I'll report back next week on how much weight I lost getting all my art supplies and computer equipment and furniture up the ladder).