I just finished these two blank journals, which will soon be available in my Etsy.com shop. I had a great time collaging muslin, cheesecloth and bottle caps (from Mexico) onto the covers–both front and back. I then applied some nice layers of acrylic washes. There are 14 blank pages inside (28 sides). I believe I will do more of these!


  1. Interesting that you should be creating blank journals for sale when I am deliberating over similar projects at the suggestion of a local shop I went into for bits and pieces. I have been thinking it through. Maybe I have not read your post thoroughly, but is there a significance in your use of the St George (for England) red-cross-on-a-white-ground? (Ann, from UK)

  2. very nice journal.... testing again to see if I can post. I think I might have just succeeded over at Ann's!

  3. Hi Ann-- the significance of the 'cross' design came from a shrine I made while taking a workshop in Mexico. The back side of my shrine had the same design (while in Mexico, one sees a LOT of crosses)! I guess it was a subconscious thing...I liked the design so much, I replicated it on the journal covers.