Clipboard Shrine-ology Workshop

"33,000 Words" originally uploaded by jomoma58.

I am SO excited to be teaching this class on April 25 at the University of Washington Experimental College in Seattle, Wa. I will also teach it in Everett, Wa, on June 13. Here's the basic information about the class:

Create a fun and fabulous clipboard shrine dedicated to a meaningful event or person in your life. You will learn about various forms of Mexican shrines and their place in contemporary society. Discover how to manipulate various media including acrylics, fabric, paper and text-while learning the art of simple attachments for found objects. Express yourself with photos, handwritten notes and your own sacred objects. To register, please visit the UW Experimental College website. The Spring quarter catalog should be up very soon. If you have any questions about the class, you may contact me at:  jomoma58@yahoo.com


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, love your's, I will add it to my list.
    Funny, I will be in Puerto Vallarta in 3 weeks- can't wait!

  2. Oh to see this clipboard shrine (when my clipboards are always laden with 'to do' tasks: magic - just the inspiration I need after a hectic week. Thankyou - and wish I was not almost half a world away (or 9 hours at least).

  3. So glad this could provide a bit of 'magic'...I so enjoy reading your blog. It inspires me too!

  4. What a dual response I have to this, and other, shrines. I'm so drawn to them, YEARN to them actually, but I fear them. I think I'm afraid of revealing that rather quaky and queasy state of my spirituality. It may be that such a workshop (or private endeavor) would help me to shim up what's going on inside. This is just loveliness of such an in-reaching sort, for me. wish wish wish I could attend!

  5. Gee--I really wish you could attend the workshop. But, you just just buy a clipboard (the more 'used' the better), drag out all your paints, favorite writings, text, doodads and glue --and just try one! Thanks for your words.