My new studio loft is finished!

I can hardly believe it! My new studio loft is complete, with a gorgeous view of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound. This room used to be my daughter's bedroom, and had no built-in heat and was very damp in the winters. (She's a child of the Northwest, and loved it this way). When I first bought the house, this loft room (by way of captain's ladder through a hole in the floor) had pea green carpet and an old decaying built-in couch that took up half the room. I NEVER thought it could look like this!! It's now complete with beautiful track lighting, natural wood panelling and hardwood floor. I have my wonderful Significant Other to thank for all of this. (I'll report back next week on how much weight I lost getting all my art supplies and computer equipment and furniture up the ladder).


  1. Third time of trying to post a comment. Just to say how beautiful, how purposeful, how thrilled you must be, and what wonderful art you will make in this magnificent space.

  2. Yes! I'm thrilled. When I climb up there I don't want to leave...hopefully some really good art will come from 'up' there!

  3. Thank you...I feel very blessed. I'm afraid to get messy, but I'll have to.