Spanish word for the week: la sonrisa

I receive a wonderful online weekly newsletter from the little town of Sayulita, Mexico, which is about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. I have been to Sayulita numerous times and, despite it's recent growth due to being "discovered", it is one of my most favorite places in Mexico. It has retained its small/town fishing village charm, and everyone knows everyone. In their newsletter, "El Sayulero", they usually have an update of what's going on in the community, and an interview with a local member of the community (or expat who lives there). They also have a Spanish word for the week, which I just love. So, this is courtesy of "El Sayulero", February 6:

Sayulita "word of the week"

la sonrisa
English Translation: smile
Spanish Example: No hay nada mejor que ver tu sonrisa.
English Translation: There is nothing better than seeing your smile.

Pictured: Bras and undies at the Sayulita market, courtesy of my daughter, Jen. (This picture makes me smile!)


  1. Hi Lisa
    Like you bras and undies...um...
    hey great blog...great word - sonrisa (sounds like sunrise), and thanks for checking out my Dead Doll Island video on my blog.
    not sure about something in Mexico DF...its a possibility. So far I'm focusing on Day of the Dead Oaxaca, and Puerta Vallarta in 2010.
    hope you're well,

  2. It's always great to hear from you Michael!