Past job descriptions: do they make us who we are today?

"Pearl" originally uploaded by jomoma58.

No, I wasn't a 'lady of the evening' or a strip tease dancer...this is a drawing I did (while in art school) of a woman named "Pearl". She was about 75 years old, give or take a few, and she really did this modeling thing for a living. Over the years, she has been my main muse and staunch supporter–even though I have not seen her since art school. When I am kinda blue or creatively blocked, I imagine she would say to me, "Just DO it, honey." I often wonder what her resume looked like, and wish I had taken the time to talk with her during breaks from drawing that day.

Which makes me wonder, do all of our jobs we had in the past make us who we are today. I think so. Here are some of mine: babysitter, "Little Bo Peep"/goat keeper, amusement park ride attendant, Santa's helper (elf), newspaper ad producer (paste-up), graphic designer, illustrator, art director, ski school instructor, retirement home activities director, mother, art instructor, visual artist, main 'spider-getter'...

Do our 'jobs' make us who we are today? What do you think? And, what were some of your most memorable jobs?

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