Shrine of a Lifetime workshop offered in Edmonds, Washington

Memories of Marilyn: inside, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

My upcoming workshop, "Shrine of a Lifetime", will be taking place February 21 and 28 . It will be held at Edmonds Community College (ArtsNow program) in beautiful Washington state. Here's the description:

We will be creating a fabulous shrine dedicated to a beloved person, pet, place, or idea. Learn about Mexican shrines—such as ofrendas and home altars—and their history and place in contemporary society. Discover how to manipulate various mixed media using acrylics, fabric, paper, and found objects, while also learning the art of simple attachments. Express yourself with cherished photos, handwritten notes and your own sacred objects. Your completed cigar box shrine will truly be “art from the heart.”

Pictured above: Shrine of Marilyn (my mother)


  1. Hi Lisa, I love your blog. It was fun to read about 1000 journal project. I think that is so random and free.
    I hope you are doing o.k.
    I am painting a lot with beeswax these days. It made me think of you. I wonder if you had any tips or fun suggestions .. maybe I will email you about this.

    xo Cami

  2. Thanks for visiting, Cami! Yes, let's email about beeswax...