Deciding on a blog title is not so easy!

Mud Pies Journal page
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I had several ideas for a blog title, one that would describe my art, my creative process, my approach to life and the many enriching journeys that I have taken. This journal page describes, in a sense, those very elements. Not only does it dispaly the ingredients of mud pies and paints and pigments, but it shows my approach to life, in a very visual way. Here are come of the other choices I had for my blog title:
Mixtura (It Mixes), Todo se Mezcla (Everything Mixes), Mezcla Artistica (Artistic Mixture), Mixtura Bien (It Mixes Well), Mezcla de Vida (Mixture of Life), and Arte, Vida, Todo! (Art, Life, Everything!).

It was a tough choice.

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