A New Beginning...

Obama Buttons, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

I cannot begin to describe my feelings this morning, but I'll try. I watched Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration with my son in his classroom this morning. It took much self control not to cry during the inaugural activities (thus embarrassing my son!). The whole situation really hit me during the gorgeous musical arrangement that was performed by YoYo Ma, Isaak Perlman and others. Such beautiful music of hope. I am overwhelmed with feelings of joy, hope and a restored faith in the American people–and all those who overcame fear and doubt to allow this day in history to take place. I am SO proud (and it has been a very long time) to be an American on this truly great day...


  1. I feel so happy for all of you who have waited so long for this day. It spurred on one of my 'poetry moments'. Thankyou for sharing what you feel, it is a privilege to peek into your heart. Ann.

  2. Lisa, I so identify with your comments. I can't imagine having been anywhere that I couldn't watch the inauguration and just give thanks for a new start. I've done my own tribute on my blog today.

  3. Yes! There will be many, many tributes, I think...thank you all for visiting.

  4. Well put! I agree.
    I always enjoy seeing your work. Glad you have a blog I ca visit now.
    I will look for you at ArtFest.