O.K...rockin' and rollin' now (I think).

I dragged myself 'kicking and screaming' to the studio to work on something, ANYTHING!! I started catching up on journaling assignments from LK Ludwig's "Point and Shoot Journaling 2", an online journaling class which started last November. This particular assignment was about identifying and mining our own personal symbology, based on the umpteen thousands of photos we have in our own archives. Some of mine are:

trees/branches, rocks/rock formations, Madonna/Virgin Mary, sunsets, hands at work, rotting fruit/flowers, rust, aged surfaces, crosses, saints, shrines, windows/doors, female fertility figures, cherished old photos of my mother and father...

Then, we are to write what these symbols mean to us personally. Then, on to doing some art journal pages with handwriting and photos and dry media... I also chose the very excellent CD "Masters of Chant" by those wonderful Gregorian monks. I think my MUSE peeked out around the corner today (I saw her out of the corner of my eye)! 

What do YOU do to find/coax your MUSE out of the shadows?

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  1. We share a lot of the same symbols. And loving the photo in this post!