Come out, come out, wherever you are (where the HECK is my Muse)?!

O.K., the Holidays have been over for more than a week now, I've done all the promotion for my workshops I need to do, I have some relatively 'free' time. New ideas race through my head...only to be gobbled up by "LIFE"... Today, I accomplished the following: spilled a whole jar of BLACK gesso all over myself, the work table and the floor. Used what was all over my hands to paint some journal page backgrounds. Exhausted from clean-up and trauma. Took nap...ahhhh.

Can anyone tell me where my MUSE might be? If you see her, please let me know, and tell her to call me to let me know she's alright. Honestly.


  1. love the image of your ink black hands moving across the empty white...
    even when we are not creating...we are percolating with possibilities in some subterranean recess of our souls.

    georgia okeefe when faced with the empty canvas sewed austere black dresses by hand..and waited for her muse to fill her black activity with colour. you are on the right path.

  2. She has a serious case of seasonal affective disorder and is napping. Right alongside my muse. I think I'll join them. I have to say, however, that as usual, the brilliant Rebecca has just the right words.

  3. I SO love your comments about the missing MUSE!! Thank you so much...