Autumn Diptych

Autumn Diptych, originally uploaded by jomoma58.

This is a favorite piece of mine, called "Autumn Diptych". Many processes went into this piece. I first printed some photos I took, of pond surfaces, onto inkjet poplin fabric. I then bleached them out. I applied some oil pastels to bring 'back' some of the color. Then I fused them onto cradled hardboard with clear encaustic medium, and continued to add tar paper, white encaustic paint, wire and some chicken bones I found in the parking lot. I really pushed myself on this one (to abandon old ideas), and I love the results! The 'process' was the most important part of this piece. I would love to revisit the state of mind I was in while doing this piece...easier said than done, though. (Mmmm...maybe I should call this "Pond Diptych" instead.)


  1. That's a wonderful piece, a lot of experimentation, which often gives us our best ones... I did check that Steiner web, very cool what he did with those blocks!

  2. Thanks Delorse! Yes, it's true, sometimes the 'experimenting' really pays off!