It's beautiful here even when it's 'gloomy'...

Photos of Snoqualmie Falls and Snoqualmie River, Copyright 2009 JonesMoore

Last week, I took a little road trip (in the rain) down to Snoqualmie Falls, near Seattle. The landscape was drenched in water, and saturated with glorious color. The mist from the falls was both invigorating and healing. 

Just a reminder to self: "when the going gets rough, the tough go out in NATURE."


  1. Hmmm. You're going out in nature. I'm staying home, trying to get the details finished for my little show at Fremont Art Walk on Friday. Well, at least I'm staying warm.

  2. soul stirring...heart healing. yes, when the stones pressing on our hearts begin to weigh us down...
    there is such freedom
    in the beauty and greatness of nature.
    ....take me to the river...wash me in the water...
    now you will have me singing this song all day!

  3. Me too! I love that song...beautiful words, thank you.

  4. Great shots. I can feel the power of the water.