Various versions of a theme...

I am currently working on an assemblage piece with the theme of "By Definition", dealing with thoughts and issues surrounding womanhood, life, death, aging...It's been a joy to be working on this piece over the last three weeks, after coming through a very hectic time at my new job, coordinating classes for the Schack Art Center in Everett, Washington.

I am using encaustic with paper mache torsos and dried rose buds, a "found" vintage trunk shelf, wire, quail eggs and other found objects. It has been a fascinating journey, and the piece "shape-shifts" every day. The mechanics of putting this piece together have been a real challenge! At one point, I was hanging shellac-dipped quail eggs from tree branches in my back yard, tending to the their "drying" process like any good mother hen might do.

I am hoping to finish this in time to enter into the National Collage Society's online juried show. What's next? Attaching the other two remaining torsos, and arranging the "veil"...it will be a two-person job for this task!