Warming up for tomorrow! 11/11/11

I am SO excited about my upcoming encaustic basics class due to start tomorrow on 11/11/11! I will be teaching it at the gorgeous NEW
Schack Art Center, located in downtown Everett, Washington. My class is full, and so is the amount of material we will cover. I think we will gear some encaustic collages toward this special date that will never take place again in our lifetimes! Here's to prime numbers and one's. (11/11/11 is also a "triple prime" equaling 33---is it not?!). 3 has always been my lucky number...I think great things are going to take place in this class!

11/11/11 Post "note": Sorry! 11/11/11 is NOT a triple prime...but it is a numerical palindrome AND  a "repunit"... (love how that word just rolls off the tongue).

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