People of Mexico: mi corazón está con usted...

Mexico is so much more than swine flu and drug violence...my heart goes out to the people of Mexico.  They are the most giving, loving people I have ever met. I've posted a few pictures (below) from some of my travels to Mexico, to show the joy and love I  have experienced from the people I've encountered there.


  1. nice comments re mexico...we have discovered Cuba in last few years and try to get down there every fall...unbelievable people also...we have made some amazing friends down there.....i have lots of pics and will glady sshare...nice site

  2. THANK YOU! I am so down with your post today. Mexico and I have seen a lot of sunsets together since I turned 19, lo these 28 years ago ... I think it was meant to be the place of my birth because my soul SO identifies with that of the people I've met there, and the physical place itself. I! LOVE! YOUR! PHOTOS!

  3. Toni--well said! I think , sometimes, I was born in the wrong country! Mexico and Italy have both captured my heart for good.

  4. lovely to find a post where someone is singing their heart out to such a deserving country. this is such a difficult time for mexico, where tourism is rated third in overall industry.

    i love this culture with a passion. thank you for an important love letter to a country that needs us.


  5. Wonderful comments...thank you!