Experimental Wednesday

This is what I did yesterday with the Experimental Painting group that meets once a month in my neighborhood. I was working with collage materials, light-weight spackle (with plastic stencils for texture), and acrylic washes. It was truly satisfying to work next to some new creative souls, and to enter into the "I don't know" realm of conciousness. Needs more work...

By the way, light-weight spackle is a wonderful, cheap alternative to Golden's Molding Paste (it's more like the Light Molding Paste), but after it dries, it must be sealed by either gesso or acrylic medium. Then you can proceed to paint over it. It dries very quickly, so it's great for one-session experiments. I LOVE getting my fingers into that stuff, takes me back to childhood.


  1. Hey Lisa, if you want heavy texture, mix the lightweight quick-dry spackle with an equal amount of heavy gel medium.