Dia de los Muertos, oh my!

These photos were taken during my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2007. Every year in late October and early November, the Mexican people (families) celebrate and honor their departed loved ones. This is truly one of the most beautiful celebrations I've ever witnessed. To see more photos of this trip, please visit my Flickr site.


  1. thank you for taking me back to a sea of cherished memories. i traveled to oaxaca for dia de los muertos six years in a row to assist with an annual folk art tour.

    the cigar box shrine auction was born from a deep desire to give back to a culture that continues to fill my heart from afar.

    muchas gracias for sharing, and shrining.

  2. Yes, I agree that visiting Oaxaca has done the same for me--a strong desire to gave back to the people of Oaxaca! I'm so glad you started the Shrine auction, and can't wait to participate.