La Vida Artistica: The Artist's Life. My life. This week.

Dear Diary: the life of an artist is not easy.  Lot's of ups and downs this week. A workshop that I very much wanted to teach, did not fill. Yet, I was asked to give a talk about encaustics at a local art guild meeting. What fun! Today, I get to work on ART all afternoon. Fantastic! Yesterday, I spent half the day updating my resume just in case that "perfect" part-time gig suddenly appears or drops into my lap. After 52 years on this earth, with a Bachelors degree in fine art, a successful 15+ years in the graphic design field, raising a family of two fabulous and creative children, and finding my way into one of the most desireable paths a person could choose (making and teaching art): I somehow feel inadequate. Updating resumes and applying for jobs can do that to a person.

But, my heart remains full, and sometimes, hopeful. That I am doing the right "thing", going against ALL logic, and pursuing this crazy career. That's all for now...

I would LOVE to hear about some of your "trials and triumphs" under "Comments"!


  1. Hi Lisa - sorry the workshop didn't fill. That's disappointing! It's particularly difficult when teaching revenues contribute to your income. I do hope you're giving some thought to whether you might be able to come to Tacoma to do a workshop for some friends and me.

  2. dear one,
    i read your comment and had to leave...carry your question with me for a while.
    perhaps others too feel the personal enormity of this pondering. what life is not confronted with trials and tribulations?
    who among us does not hope to be truly seen and valued for who we are?
    i love that you are following your artistic voice.
    and i am wondering what new expression and satisfaction will come when you loose yourself in the artistic process again.
    that alone will reaffirm your path...

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I'm so sorry your workshop didn't go... It still sounds like a busy and productive time for you. I'm sending you positive thoughts on the perfect job showing up for you.

    Re: Ups and Downs. I spent years in a legalistic job, which I don't regret, but really was ready to move on to something else at the end. Low and behold, my last couple of years my career changed to another path, plus I became a coach and taught a creativity series - in a government office! WHo knew...
    So I think, you never know what is around the corner, something you may not even have imagined yet.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    PS - Going to see Meri in Tacoma sounds fun!!

  4. WOW, thank you all so far who have left the most fabulous comments! Very uplifting words, which I really appreciate! Now, onto making art and teaching art, no matter what...