New work!

TOP: "By the Numbers", encaustic, mixed media, birch bark, collage. Copyright Lisa JonesMoore 2012
MIDDLE: "Duality", encaustic, mixed media, collage.  Copyright Lisa JonesMoore 2012
BOTTOM: Shirley's Trees #2, encaustic, mixed media.  Copyright Lisa JonesMoore 2012

 These pieces were done over the last three months. I am certainly having fun with encaustic wax, collage and mixed media such as powdered graphite, metallic powders, stencils and natural elements (birch bark!). The experimenting phase just never ends with encaustic, it's such an incredibly versatile medium...

You may see some of these at Hanson Scott Gallery in Seattle, 121 Prefontaine, in the Pioneer Square district.


  1. Love the trees! Beautiful!

  2. thank you thank you! These piece was based on some trees I did in pastel years ago...