An art day with a wonderful friend!

I was so fortunate to have an Art Day with my wonderful art buddy, Delorse. She worked on her ever-evolving gorgeous sketchbooks and I on my encaustic "Venus" series. It's been so long since I have been able to devote 4 hours to art, due to my recent knee injury. But things are looking up!!

On Saturday, I was able to teach a 5 hour encaustic workshop, Extreme Encaustic Basics. I had fantastic, eager students, all ready to experiment with this wonderful medium!

The sun is shining, the wax is warm, ideas for new artwork are flowing and all is good again with the world...


  1. Now THAT sounds like a perfect day! The Wheel of Fortune spins on, doesn't it? hard times and good times...they all lead you to where you need to be. ♥

  2. Lisa,
    I had such a wonderful time, so much fun, and SO great to see you again! Nothing could be better than spending a day with a dear buddy making art together!!!! And I'm so glad your leg is finally healing.
    I posted that great pix of you on my site, also will email it to you, LOVE the colors, really good shot of you!!
    Hugs, Delorse

  3. Delorse--DITTO! tried to leave a comment on your blog, no luck darn it!!It WAS a fabulous afternoon, we must do this again...