What the heck is happening here?

Top: part my drawing from college project, copyright 1980 JonesMoore
Bottom: "Water" segment of work in progress, copyright 2010 JonesMoore

Now working on in the studio:  I recently found an amazing drawing of "ah-hem", those 'cabaret-type' women, that I did in college! I'm am re-inventing them in encaustic wax. It's been so much fun, carving out buns and breasts in warm wax...no, really!

This is the first of a series of these pieces, based on the 4 elements: water, fire, earth, and air. This one is 'water'. This concept came to me while 'tubbing' at the Korean spa the other day, surrounded by all those fabulous female bodies, every shape imaginable! I was in 'water', looking up through 'air' and through the skylight, feeling more 'grounded' (earth) because of this experience, and was about to visit the hot sauna (fire) rooms.  My 'educated' conclusion: women need to address the 4 elements–water, fire, earth, air–within themselves on a regular basis, in order to feel truly grounded.


  1. love these images...and your words...

    i have posted a "mosaic of people" with a call out for compassion today..

    i hope you will come.
    and join me
    in a charter for compassion.

  2. Lisa,
    Love the original and the re-inventing you are doing...
    still in Tx,

  3. Interesting thought. I'll ponder it.

  4. Hi Lisa, my first visit...I LOVE IT HERE!!
    Sorry for shouting, I am just always excited to meet like-minded people :)
    Fabulous blog, girlfriend (may I call you that?)

  5. Yes! So glad you stopped in for a visit...